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What is CloudApper?

CloudApper is changing how software is made. Our AI platform solves developer shortage and turnover challenges by creating software automatically, without generating a single line of code. When there’s no code to write or manage, companies can avoid development headaches and focus on growing their business.

How can the CloudApper
no-code platform

transform your business?

With CloudApper, anyone can make feature-rich web and mobile applications in a fraction of the time that it would take with traditional software development. 


Improve responsiveness

Customers, partners, vendors, and everyone in between demand real-time action. Put your business in an “always on” mode with CloudApper and exceed expectations. 


Save time & money

Licensing various SaaS applications to address every need creates data siloes and limits scalability. CloudApper provides access to hundreds of apps under a single license.


Operate your way

Software should conform to your needs, not the other way around. Easily customize apps for your business with a simple drag-and-drop editor and empower teams to innovate.

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The Future of Software

Automatically create web & mobile applications


Employees-are-always-glued-to-their-phonesUsers can access their data through a single application environment

Workers-can-perform-tasks-through-simplified,-user-friendly-applicationsEasily scale applications across the enterprise

Reduces-IT-infrastructure-support Reduce application management costs

Install the CloudApper app on your mobile device:

Why do people love CloudApper?


“CloudApper saved many lives by rapidly delivering a contact tracing app for COVID-19 in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.”

Dr. Darelle Van Greunen

Director of the centre for community technologies

Nelson Mandela University

“CloudApper is an amazing platform. Apps like RightPunch help our customers to significantly reduce costs.”

Jerry Nepon-Sixt

Partner alliance manager

Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG)

“The CloudApper mobile app helps us seamlessly interface with our enterprise HCM system.”

Stefanie Swalgen

VP of human resources

Potpourri Group

“CloudApper delivered a tailored NFC rounding app for asset quality control within days.”

Evelyn Minjarez

Regional director supply chain operations & logistics

Providence St. Joseph Health

How can CloudApper help you achieve your goals?

Achieve-true-digital-transformation-at-an-affordable-price Achieve true digital transformation at an affordable price
Improve-productivity-by-enabling-employees-to-perform-tasks-quickly Improve productivity by enabling employees to perform tasks quickly
Reduce-pressure-reliance-on-IT-resources-to-meet-business-needs Reduce pressure & reliance on IT resources to meet business needs

CloudApper ROI


Software development involves expertise in many different technical areas (e.g. mobile, web, database, cloud, APIs, etc.). A usable app requires 5-10 developers with different skills.


CloudApper eliminates all of these resource dependencies. Even analysts or other users can build apps with CloudApper. All underlying complexities are handled by our platform.


Entry-level developers cost $110K a year but they can struggle to deliver meaningful work without experience. Plus, they often change jobs after gaining real-world experience!


CloudApper reduces the human dependency on software development and closes the revolving door of engineers. Anyone can easily make apps with CloudApper! 

Save Big With CloudApper

Learn how much you can gain by utilizing the No-Code platform to create all of the mobile applications and software required for your company's digital transformation.

Development savings

Digitization savings

Infrastructure savings

Put all your Information Together

All the info you need. Always up to date. Right in your mobile phone. Keep everyone in your business on the same page.

Seamless Integration With Thousands of Third-party Systems

Making business solutions has never been so simple

Feature Comparison

CloudApper vs Other No-Code Platforms

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Features knack_logo quixy_logo cloudapper bubble_logo mendix_logo
Workflow Automation
Mobile Operability
Integration Capabilities
User Access Management
Free Trial Period
Customizable Customizable Customizable Customizable Customizable
Drag and Drop
Customer Support
Email, FAQ Live Chat, Email, FAQ Live Chat, Email, FAQ FAQs Live Chat, Email, FAQ
Graphical User Interface
Pre- Built Templates
Real-time Analysis
Video, Documentation In-Person, Video, Documentation In-Person, Video, Documentation Documentation In-Person, Video, Documentation
Notification/ Alerts
Email, Push Push Email, Push, SMS None Push
File Sharing
Data Import & Export
Custom Development
Starts From $39 Starts From $20 Monthly Starts From $10 Starts From $25 Starts From S50 Monthly

It's your time to choose the right solution

CloudApper FAQ

CloudApper is a no-code software creation platform that makes it insanely easy for users to make enterprise apps that improve employee productivity. The key benefit of CloudApper is that no coding is required in the development of these applications. This means that anybody can create the applications they need for their business.

CloudApper is a no-code software creation platform that makes it insanely easy for users to make enterprise apps that improve employee productivity. The key benefit of CloudApper is that no coding is required in the development of these applications. This means that anybody can create the applications they need for their business.

Companies are unique, and they all experience unique problems. With CloudApper, you can easily customize enterprise applications so they’re tailor-made for your business.

Rather than trying to conform your business to the limitations of various licensed applications, instantly configure apps to your needs and workflows with CloudApper.

Yes. Apps created in your CloudApper environment can integrate with legacy and other enterprise systems to so users can access and act on data to work smarter. Ask your customer success analyst for more information on integration options. 

No. CloudApper requires a monthly or annual subscription. The fee includes full access to platform features as well as ongoing maintenance and support.

Customers can also test CloudApper with a 14-day free trial. 

For app customization or integration services, we charge a very affordable consulting fee.

Yes. CloudApper understands that support from your vendor is crucial for companies who want to implement a new system successfully. That is why new users are assigned a customer success analyst to provide them with the assistance they need when using CloudApper.

As with all new software solutions, there will be a learning curve. The key benefit of CloudApper is that this learning curve is very minimal. To help customers get going quickly, CloudApper provides online training courses, tutorial videos, and other support documentation. 

Users who require further training can schedule web sessions with our customer support and solution engineering teams. 

Yes. However, all data uploaded by a company is owned by the company. If a customer chooses to discontinue using CloudApper, they can cancel their subscription and download their data. The data will be stored on our server for the next 90 days for safety purposes.

If a customer wants to delete their data immediately, they can place a manual request and we will delete the data within the next seven working days.

Since our customer data is encrypted, it is not accessible by any other outside personnel or by CloudApper.

CloudApper takes all necessary precautions to ensure your data remains secure. Data is transmitted over an SSL connection and is encrypted at rest and in the database. Customers also have full control over user management and the platform supports Active Directory integration and support for 2FA protocols like Okta.

The CloudApper team also follows stringent internal safety protocols.

Yes. Customers can create an unlimited number of apps within their CloudApper environment. We also provide a marketplace of pre-built applications that customers can access and instantly customize, as needed.

Yes. CloudApper has a long history of providing reliable service to its customers. Ensuring our database and service are always up to date and operational is vital. Our team works tirelessly to continuously improve the technology and provide a high level of attentive customer support.

Yes. Our enterprise platform includes an integration server that can be used to integrate with legacy and other systems.

Yes. Our enterprise platform includes an integration server that can be used to integrate with legacy and other systems.

Other “low-code” or “no-code” platforms were still designed for developers. CloudApper makes it so easy to create and customize apps that anyone can do it. 

When you make an app with CloudApper, the platform automatically creates a web and mobile side (Android & iOS) and handles the cloud back-end and all underlying complexities. Apps are accessible through a single, secure container to optimize administration, security, and maintenance.

Yes, CloudApper works on iOS and Android devices.

Customers can utilize CloudApper in our public cloud or license the entire platform and run it in their own on-prem or private cloud environment. 

Yes, you can download your information from the CloudApper database and move it to a new system through our API or an Excel/CSV file.

CloudApper is currently available in English, French, Spanish and Turkish. However, customers can enter translations for any app to view them in any language.

Yes. CloudApper understands that software systems are an investment. Once a company has implemented a system to aid in their business processes, they want it to provide a return on investment and several years of efficient use. That’s why CloudApper can be easily scaled as your business needs and usage grow. We offer a simple, straightforward licensing model and innovative technical architecture that removes all burdens from scaling the solution.

With the CloudApper mobile app, users can capture and store data offline. The data will automatically sync to the cloud environment when a network connection is established.

CloudApper supports all internet browsers, such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari. This ensures that all companies can use the system hassle-free.

The CloudApper no-code platform is applicable to companies of all sizes and across all industries, as well as government agencies. Here are some examples of what organizations can do with CloudApper:

  • Create custom applications
    With CloudApper, users can cost-effectively create mobile and web applications with absolutely no coding required.

  • Digital Transformation
    With CloudApper, your company can digitally transform tedious and inefficient business processes while digitizing data. Users can access and act on data through custom apps and workflows to supercharge productivity.

  • Supplement legacy systems
    Apps that you make with CloudApper can integrate with your legacy system so users can access and act on data through custom web and mobile apps.

  • Business Intelligence reporting
    CloudApper’s customizable dashboards and robust reporting engine simplifies the analytics process for users. Leaders can access the data they need, when they need it, right from their phones.
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CloudApper is Highly Affordable

CloudApper is Highly Affordable

Only $10/user/month*

All Subscription includes
Unlimited Enterprise Apps
Custom Workflow Automation
Third-Party Integration
Custom Analytics/Reports
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