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A cloud-based EAM system helps you enhance asset data security

A cloud-based EAM system helps you enhance asset data security

In today’s world, information has great significance. It is said to be the next oil. Since assets are a big part of the organization, asset data can influence vital decision-making. The possibility of a company’s success or failure entirely depends on how they utilize the information available at its disposal. In this scenario, the importance of a cloud-based EAM system cannot be more stressed.

Organizations can only make the right decisions if they are sure that the information they have is up-to-date and correct. To make sure that data is of high quality and available when needed, it is important to keep this information from being lost or stolen.

You might think that an on-premises EAM system is the safest option. This is because you can keep all of your EAM data on-site. But if your business only has security on-site, you might have security limitations.

Hosting EAM in the cloud is the way to get around these security issues. The cloud is now a good alternative to security on-site. Companies used to worry about how safe the cloud was, but as technology has improved, more and more companies are turning to the cloud to protect their asset data.

The advantages of a cloud-based EAM system

A cloud-based system has numerous benefits, here are a few:

Threat surveillance

Many companies don’t have the skills they need to deal with cyber threats once the cloud has found them. There’s a provider for that. With a cloud-hosting provider, a company can take advantage of the security expertise of the staff. Hosting providers usually have years of experience finding and stopping attacks on many different kinds of businesses. A provider can offer monitoring 24/7/365, so your staff can focus on keeping important equipment running and running projects.

Multi-layered protection

Not every breach can be stopped, but a multi-layered security plan makes it more likely to prevent data loss or penetration from happening. The cloud could protect data while it is being sent, used, and stored.

It gives certain users limited access and keeps other people from seeing and possibly changing information. Also, the data is encrypted which makes it impossible to read private information. Also, the distribution is well protected. Secure socket layers keep data safe as it moves from your on-premises data center to the cloud.

A fort for data

Working with many clients allows a cloud provider to buy the most up-to-date security tools and strategies without skimping. So, a hosted provider gives your business access to a cloud data center with state-of-the-art security.

The best cloud-based EAM like CloudApper makes sure that your data is secure from all types of threats. If your physical site is hit by a natural disaster or a power outage, you can rest assured knowing that your EAM system won’t be destroyed. During a disaster, only authorized people can get into the cloud because it only has one point of entry. The cloud lets you back up your data somewhere else so that you can get it back if something bad happens.

Try CloudApper | The best cloud-based EAM system

With a cloud-based EAM system, you don’t have to worry about your asset information in any situation. CloudApper has put a lot of thought while developing the system and preparing it for any undesirable situation. Yet our expert team is always ready to help you with any concerns. Keep your data safe and secure with CloudApper – contact us today!

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