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Why should real estate companies use enterprise asset management software?

Why should real estate companies use enterprise asset management software?

Companies often suffer without realizing it due to asset mismanagement. They run on high operating costs without identifying the root of the problem. However, companies may need to be made aware of the significance of enterprise asset management software due to the size of assets. The case for real estate companies is not very different.

The assets they own are big and very expensive. Any mismanagement can cost the company thousands of dollars. That is why most real estate companies prefer to use CloudApper EAM software. Due to the issues they face in their daily operations, an integrated solution is the only plausible option for them.

The functions of enterprise asset management software

Such a system is essential for businesses that want to maximize their physical assets throughout the asset’s lifecycle. Through asset tracking, an enterprise asset management system assists the maintenance team in managing physical company assets over the asset’s lifespan. The organization as a whole can utilize them to maximize asset performance throughout an asset’s lifecycle, improve its return on investment, maintain workplace safety, reduce the total cost of ownership with lower lifecycle costs, and increase productivity. Some important functions of EAM software include:

Automatic record-keeping

Assets’ records are very valuable for companies. Without the asset’s data, the companies will be blind to their presence. Assets require a lot of data to be recorded, such as their location, assigned workers, purchase data, maintenance data, and so on. This information is manually entered without an asset management solution.

Automatic record-keeping will save the company a lot of time and effort, thus significantly reducing the chances of making errors.

Live asset location

Asset management software tracks assets’ live locations, so managers don’t have to communicate with the warehouse to know their location. This also reduces the chances of losing or misplacing assets.

Remote management

Systems like the CloudApper EAM app allow users to perform their regular activities remotely. With some taps on a mobile device, the app will assign tasks, track assets, send notifications, and many more.

How will enterprise asset management software help real estate companies?

For a real estate company, moving assets is more of a necessity than a luxury. The employees have to visit different sites, which are located in different places. When multiple projects are ongoing, keeping track becomes very difficult for them. With an asset management solution, companies can perform many hectic tasks easily. Here are some of the functions of enterprise asset management software.

It requires less time

The business will spend fewer of its hours on record keeping. Additional manual tasks like physical asset inspection and reporting take time. With a simple asset management system in place, valuable time can be used for other tasks.

It omits the communication chasm

The system introduces information transparency throughout all the departments of the organization. Due to this feature, misunderstandings among employees will no longer delay operations, which will run smoothly and efficiently.

Effective asset tracking

Since each real estate property contains numerous assets and is massive, it is vulnerable to burglary and asset misplacement. To safeguard assets against theft and misplacement, every real estate firm must invest in asset management software. It will assist them in providing the real-time location of each asset, thus improving accountability.

Independent of location

With an asset management platform, asset management is independent of the locations. Managers and employees can communicate very effectively with each other from anywhere in the world. With remote monitoring, the process will become less of a hassle and less frustrating.

CloudApper: The right solution

Given all the important factors of a business, with CloudApper enterprise asset management software, asset management should be the least of businesses’ concerns. CloudApper provides various mobile applications that provide the right support for your business needs – contact us now.

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