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How Can a Construction Tool Tracking App Help Your Company?

How Can a Construction Tool Tracking App Help Your Company?

If you own or run a construction company, you’ll appreciate how hard it can be to keep track of your tools. It’s likely that your company owns more tools than you realize, making it essential that you keep track of them. Tools can be expensive to buy, maintain, and track. However, with the right construction tool tracking app, it is possible to know where your tools are at all times.

Helps to Prevent Theft and Loss

When each of your tools is tracked using an RFID tag or QR code, theft and loss can be prevented. CloudApper Assets’ tracking app provides constant updates, ensuring users know where their tools are 24 hours a day.

When tools go missing, it is likely that they have been lost. While incidences such as this are entirely innocent, replacing the lost tools can be expensive. Here is where a construction tool tracking app can help. When the user logs into the tracking system, they will have the option to find the tool or tools in question.

Thanks to the modern software that CloudApper provides, users can see where the missing tools are at all times. Ultimately, this means that construction companies no longer need to waste money on replacing tools.

Should a tool be stolen, users can see exactly where it is. A Construction Tool Tracking App makes it possible to track the location of the tool all day, every day if they have an RFID tag or QR code attached. CloudApper Assets software allows users to select the chosen tool and pinpoint where it is, helping to aid in the recovery of the stolen tool. The construction company will no longer need to waste money on replacing tools.

Provides Data on Tool Utilization

Tool utilization data is one of the added benefits of using a construction tool tracking app. Users can track how often tools and machinery are used. This can help to determine whether it is worth renting or buying the tools or machinery in question.

If rented tools are used frequently, users can work out if it would be cheaper to purchase the tools in question. The data provided by the tracking up can be very useful. Users can see exactly when the tools were used, who they were used by, and for how long. Additionally, users may even be able to see why the tracked tools were used.

All of this data can provide a construction company with an accurate picture of the tools they have in stock. This data can be priceless as it can enable the company to understand what future monetary decisions need to be made.

Provides Maintenance Alerts

On occasion, tools may sustain damage due to frequent use or be misused. When situations such as these occur, maintenance may be required. Maintenance can be both costly and inconvenient. Tools that become damaged could be in high demand, leading to frustration and the potential needless buying of additional tools.

CloudApper Assets Tracking App can help here. Thanks to the way that it works, the app can provide users with maintenance alerts. In some cases, prevention can be better than maintenance. Tools that are not kept in a good state of repair can fail to live up to their jobs.

With a maintenance app, users can schedule maintenance every month, every 3 months, 6 months, or every 12 months. Quick and easy repairs can ensure that each tool is in good working order. When tools are frequently looked after they are less likely to become severely damaged.

Keeps Track of Small Tools, Equipment, and More

When you sign up to use CloudApper Assets App, it will be possible for you to track all of your tools and equipment.

Users can track tools such as:

  • Small tools – Adjustable wrenches, bolt cutters, handsaws, pliers, screwdrivers, socket wrenches, torches, utility knives, and more.
  • Large items – Carts, ladders, rubbish bins, trollies, and more.
  • Equipment – Cement mixers, generators, lighting, and much more.

Users can keep a track of all of their tools and equipment. This includes office and on-site equipment, and anything else that management needs to track.

CloudApper’s Easy-to-Use Construction Tool Tracking App

Those who work in the construction industry can have a lot of control over all of their assets. Tools, large items, and equipment can be prohibitively expensive. The cost of maintaining assets can also be high. However, thanks to CloudApper’s Construction Tool Tracking App users can have much more control over everything.

With the ability to locate every asset that has an RFID tag or QR code attached, costs can be lowered. Additionally, maintenance alerts and tool utilization data can be incredibly useful.

Contact CloudApper Assets today at to talk about how the Construction Tool Tracking App can work hard for you.

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