Things you should know before getting an EAM software

Things you should know before getting an EAM software

Recently, Enterprise Asset Management – EAM is a genuine concern for companies. This management method is very effective for business organizations, nevertheless, the struggle is still ongoing due to excessive human involvement. To minimize excessive human involvement, EAM software is developed to aid business management. 

With Enterprise Asset Management Software, companies can maximize productivity from their invested assets. It helps to facilitate effective management decisions and boost the operation’s productivity. There are lots of management software in the market that can easily affect decision-making, and to avoid being misguided, important information has been detailed here.

What is Enterprise Asset Management?

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is a set of software systems and services that are used to keep operational assets and equipment in good shape and keep track of them. The goal is to maximize the quality and use of assets throughout their entire lifecycle, increase their productive time, and lower operational costs.

Asset management is a key component of any business. Every business organization owns assets regardless of the type of business. Even tertiary businesses own assets such as laptops, furniture, desktop, etc., which they need to maintain and keep track of. That is why asset management solutions are important for any business.

EAM software is commonly mistaken as a computerized maintenance management system-CMMS but they focus on different aspects; their functions are the same. EAM has more functions than CMMS. CMMS is used to keep track of maintenance, plan maintenance, and keep track of spare parts and work orders, and other things. Whereas, EAM, on the other hand, primarily focused on the asset life cycle, and also includes all the features of CMMS software as well.

The EAM software features you do not want to miss

Similar to your physical assets, investment in digital assets also requires a lot of considerations. With proper research, you will understand what you are getting into. Business needs may differ from company to company. However, to eliminate this discrepancy and bring every kind of business on board and cover their most basic requirements, the features listed below have been designed for the purpose.

Alerts and Notifications

Notifying recent activities are a very important feature. It helps employees be more alert and updated with recent events without being on edge. The hassle of communicating every once in a while just to get updates is eliminated with this offer. Any activity will be notified to the employee with an alert from the software.

Furthermore, calling attention to unnecessary activities will only confuse and irritate the employees. That is why a feature to customize the alerts system is very important. In this way, only important information will be notified in real-time.

Maintenance dates or incidents are hard to track. With an alert system, the enterprise asset management software will notify the appropriate employee beforehand. The response time will be quick and less chaotic.

Central System

Employees should be well informed about the whole process of the business. Since in most organizations, operations are interrelated. In a central system, all the employees that the management thinks should have access to the system will be able to see the information. Such information comes in really handy for work order management.

Cloud-based storage

The case of losing information is not rare in organizations. For various reasons, this event may happen and such can gravely affect the business. Hence a secure and error-free platform must be used as a preventive measure.

Enterprise Asset Management software is very secure if it uses cloud-based storage. You do not need to worry about losing critical assets and completely rely on the software.

Multi-devices login

The system should not limit users to only one device. Employees mostly use more than one device to work efficiently, for instance, they use at least one laptop and a phone. That is why employees should be able to use the EAM solutions on both devices for making things more convenient.

Get the most out of your assets with CloudApper

With the CloudApper EAM software, you will be able to utilize your asset to its full capacity. Due to mismanagement, assets are often misused, maintenance schedules are not met regularly, assets are used without following users’ guidelines, and asset data get lost. 

Many critical issues can be addressed with EAM solutions. It will help you develop proper maintenance strategies, increase asset lifecycle and boost asset performance.

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