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Drag & Drop

With our drag-and-drop design editor, anyone can easily create custom web and mobile applications without any programming knowledge. 

Build Workflows

CloudApper includes a robust workflow engine to automate processes within apps. Users can easily build workflows in our web-based design studio and have the option of injecting custom code to supercharge app functionality.

NFC & Barcode Scanning

With CloudApper, you’ll be able to make apps that can scan over 20 different 1D and 2D barcode types found across a wide range of industries. The platform also supports NFC, which is a more secure and reliable method of data transfer.


This feature can be used to create a virtual geographic border around site locations to enforce user actions within your apps. For example, users must be within the “fence” to check in for a job.

Analytics Dashboard

Build custom dashboards to view key performance indicators and gain real-time insights from application activity. Quickly access dashboards from your phone or a web browser on your computer.


Subscribers can access numerous pre-built applications through the CloudApper Marketplace. These are instantly deployable web and mobile apps, developed using our no-code platform by our globally-distributed community of development experts.


CloudApper can seamlessly integrate with any third-party system through several methods. Enterprises can integrate CloudApper with their legacy systems to avoid data migration or instantly add a mobile front-end. 

Apply logic

Add logic into apps to automate repetitive operations and follow designed workflows. When a trigger is activated, the logic will follow its specified functions.

Capture images & videos

Enable users to add a rich level of context and detail to their activity by capturing and linking images, videos, and audio clips to records within your apps.

Generate reports

Build highly customized reports and forms with our robust engine and access them in real-time from your phone or web browser for smarter decision-making.

Send notifications

Build workflows that trigger in-app push, email, and SMS notifications to designated users for real-time alerts.

Create schedules

Easily create and schedule tasks, jobs, reminders or other actions within any app for users to quickly view from a phone.


Log GPS coordinates for functions like user check-ins or asset tracking. View data from a phone or web browser.

Customer Testimonials

“CloudApper saved many lives by rapidly delivering a contact tracing app for COVID-19 in the Eastern Cape,
South Africa.”

Dr. Darelle Van Greunen

Director of the centre for community technologies

Nelson Mandela University
“CloudApper is an amazing platform. Apps like RightPunch help our customers to significantly
reduce costs.”

Jerry Nepon-Sixt

Partner alliance manager

Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG)
“The CloudApper mobile app
helps us seamlessly interface
with our enterprise
HCM system.”

Stefanie Swalgen

VP of human resources

Potpourri Group

You Can Experience All of These Features
with Your 14-Day Free Trial Now!

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