Computerized Maintenance Management System


What is CloudApper CMMS?

CMMS is a mobile and cloud application that simplifies the management enterprise assets and equipment, maintenance schedules, inventory, work order routing and reporting. The solution helps employees to operate more efficiently and provides management with real-time visibility into the status of their assets and maintenance plans.

Increase productivity

Increase Productivity

Replace complex paperwork that wastes time. Create requests, assign work orders, and resolve issues in seconds from a mobile device.

Reduce Machine Downtime

Reduce Machine Downtime

CMMS ensures reliable maintenance schedules with robust reporting, analytics, reminders and task management features.

Manage Multiple Sites

Manage Multiple Sites

Manage maintenance data over multiple work locations easily with CMMS. Users can access all information through the mobile or web app for real-time visibility.

How Does It Work?

  • Admin or manager schedules Maintenance
    Admin or manager
  • Staff assigned to maintenance work orders
    Staff assigned
    to maintenance
    work orders
  • Maintenance staff responds to work orders
    staff responds
    to work orders
  • Maintenance work is completed
    work is
  • Maintenance status is automatically Updated
    Maintenance status
    is automatically
  • Management monitors the entire process
    monitors the
    entire process

Features of CMMS


Schedule Maintenance

Users can scan the barcode of any asset from a mobile phone to retrieve its details and historical information. Maintenance work orders can be instantly created and routed to the appropriate person.


Resource Assignment

Find and schedule the best resources for maintenance services and other tasks to maximize utilization and accountability.


Asset Management

Enable end users to store all asset data including: equipment details, information about suppliers or vendors, efficiency levels, capacity, warranty details, operation manuals, notes, images and documents etc.


Inventory Management

Easily track all inventory with built-in barcode scanning. Quickly scan material to retrieve information and check items in and out of inventory.


Highly Customizable

Easily configure CMMS to meet the specific needs of your organization. Change field names, add modules, workflows, notifications and more.



Highly scalable cloud infrastructure that can be easily upgraded or downgraded to meet operational needs.


Decision Making

A robust reporting system empowers decision makers to operate more effectively with real-time access to the data that they need, when they need it.


Web & Mobile App

Handle all CMMS tasks directly from the mobile app. Managers can access dashboards and reports through the corresponding web application.


Cloud Architecture

Save money on IT infrastructure costs. CMMS is a cloud-based solution that reduces your IT human resources and hardware investment while removing the headaches associated with maintaining them.


Secure Access

Built-in administrative controls for managing permissions to access information and perform certain tasks.

Why Choose CMMS?


Integrated maintenance management features improve operational efficiency.

Asset Utilization

CMMS ensures the timely maintenance of assets and equipment to increase longevity and usefulness.


Increase employee productivity by assigning and individually monitoring their activities.


Quickly and easily customize the solution per your business requirements without any programming or coding.

Maximize ROI

CMMS minimizes asset waste and depreciation to ensure maximized productivity and ROI.


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