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What is

CloudApper CMMS?

CMMS is a mobile and cloud application that simplifies the management of enterprise assets and equipment, maintenance schedules, inventory, work order routing, and reporting. The solution helps employees to operate more efficiently and provides management with real-time visibility into the status of their assets and maintenance plans.

Reduce the risk of machine downtime

CMMS provides you with maintenance schedules for your critical equipment along with robust reporting, analytics, reminders, and task management features - mitigating the chances of having an unwanted breakdown or downtime.

Better manage technician movements

Empower technicians to easily monitor equipment issues from their mobile device or computer. Updates from the mobile app are availble to management in real-time to optimize performance.

Build a Maintenance Knowledgebase

In addition to creating a historical log of all maintenance activities, CMMS also includes a knowledge base module where all users can access useful information to prevent unwanted incidents. Posts can even include video clips!

Fully Customizable

To Meet Your Needs!

Instantly customize the CMMS app without any coding skills required. Simply select the app template, drag-and-drop the required modules, test, and publish. Modifications are immediately available in the web and mobile versions of the app!


Editable App Templates


No Coding Skills Required


Drag And Drop Editor

Work From

Anywhere at Anytime

CloudApper CMMS enables you to monitor your equipment on-the-go with a simple but powerful mobile application. Employees can check the work orders assigned to them, provide updates, locate equipment, and more right from the app.



CMMS provides you with a powerful, intuitive, and easy-to-use solution at an affordable price. The app is one of many available through CloudApper to help you reduce operational expenses. Only $10/user/month for unlimited apps!

$10 USD

per month, per user

Unlimited Apps

Features of

CloudApper CMMS

cmms-software-schedule-maintenance Schedule Maintenance

Users can scan the barcode of any asset from a mobile phone to retrieve its details and historical information. Maintenance work orders can be instantly created and routed to the appropriate person.
Schedule Maintenance

Resource Assignment Resource Assignment

Identify, assign, and schedule the most applicable resources to provide equipment maintenance services as well as other tasks – ensuring maximum utilization, productivity, and accountability.

Asset Management Asset Management

Enable end-users to store all asset data, including equipment details, information about suppliers or vendors, efficiency levels, capacity, warranty details, operation manuals, notes, images, and documents, etc. Users can even record video clips on how to use or maintain your assets!


Resource Assignment Inventory Management

Easily track all of your inventory with built-in barcode scanning. Quickly scan items to retrieve information and check them in and out of inventory, keeping all records in a centralized location for easier management.

Secure Access

Built-in administrative controls for managing permissions to access information and perform certain tasks.


Highly scalable cloud infrastructure that can be easily upgraded or downgraded to meet operational needs.

Decision Making

A robust reporting system empowers decision-makers to operate more effectively with real-time access to the data that they need, when they need it.

Web & Mobile App

Handle all CMMS tasks and view dashboards directly from the mobile app. All data is also available through the corresponding web application.

Cloud Architecture

Save money on IT infrastructure costs. CMMS is a cloud-based solution that reduces your IT human resources and hardware investment.

Highly Customizable

Not all organizations have the same requirements. Easily configure CMMS to meet the specific needs of your organization. Change field names, add modules, workflows, notifications, and more, tailoring CMMS to your needs.


Improve the longevity and performance of your assets

Some of your assets require more care while others don’t. Customize maintenance schedules for all of them using CloudApper CMMS, optimizing your equipment and business by enabling your assets to last longer and perform better.

How does

CMMS Work?


Go Paperless

If you’re already digitizing some aspects of your business, why not add maintenance management to that list? CMMS eliminates paper waste and centralizes maintenance management so that everyone can stay updated on progress and requirements.

Who Can


Manufacturing & Energy Plants

Manufacturing and energy plants consist of expensive and heavy-duty machinery – all of which require maintenance. Optimally run your machinery, increase productivity, make informed decisions, reduce unwanted downtime, and mitigate redundant costs with CMMS.

Oil, Gas, and Mining Industry

Oil and gas industries can significantly increase productivity and lower costs with CMMS. Preventive maintenance boosts output, as chances of breakdowns are lower. Reduce unwanted and unplanned downtimes and boost efficiency with CMMS.


Healthcare providers must have their equipment performing optimally at all times since patient lives depend on them. CMMS can ensure preventive maintenance, schedule work orders, and optimize the performance of hospitals for better healthcare outcomes.

Building & Facility Management

CMMS is crucial for optimized facility management tasks like facilitating work orders. Save time and improve efficiency by automating maintenance processes, as well as keeping information centralized for future use.

Schools, Colleges & Universities

CMMS enhances the productivity of educational institutions by lowering the downtime of crucial equipment, ensuring that facilities are adhering to mandatory regulations and improving safety through proper compliance.

Ports & Terminals

Ports and terminals are industries that have intricate machinery requiring frequent maintenance. By using CMMS, keeping track of assets, communicating with employees, and scheduling maintenance activities become easier, enhancing productivity and reducing downtime.

Why Choose

CloudApper CMMS?

  • Efficiency

    Integrated maintenance management features improve operational efficiency.

  • Asset Utilization

    CMMS ensures the timely maintenance of assets and equipment to increase longevity and usefulness.

  • Accountability

    Increase employee productivity by assigning and individually monitoring their activities.

  • Flexibility

    Quickly and easily customize CMMS per your requirements without any programming or coding.

  • Maximize ROI

    CMMS minimizes asset waste and depreciation to ensure maximized productivity and ROI.

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