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    How can I implement a sales agent monitoring solution within a sales team?

    As businesses grows they are beginning to realise the importance of sales agent monitoring applications as a driver of productivity. With the ability to increase transparency and take the guesswork out of a sales agents duties monitoring solutions have become an increasingly tempting solution for many businesses. Prior to implementing¬† a sales agent monitoring application… Read More

    How Often Is OSHA Training Required?

    The OSHA code of Federal Regulations lists numerous types of training that include various exceptions and provisions. It is important to always have a strong general knowledge background of all OSHA requirements. The OSHA training is divided into four major sections which consist of initial, annual, specific increments as well as when changes or new… Read More

    What Does An OSHA Inspection Entail?

    OSHA inspections commonly consist and focus on workplace sites or work areas which are deemed to be the most hazardous. OSHA is also inclined to look out for potential hazardous situations especially in areas in which people are declined to deem as harmless. Any serious injuries or fatalities need to be reported to OSHA which… Read More

    What should you look for when choosing a sales agent monitoring application?

    Many sectors within business are currently undergoing a revolution. Sectors such as finance have undergone many advancements and begun to embrace automation, therefore it was only a matter of time before the sales sector had to do so as well. As the sales sector advances so does the technology that os available, this can make… Read More

    What is recordable under OSHA’s Recordkeeping Regulation?

    Covered employers must record all work-related fatalities and record all work-related injuries and illnesses that result in days away from work, restricted work or transfer to another job, loss of consciousness or medical treatment. All employers must record significant work-related injuries or illnesses diagnoses by a physician or other licensed health care professional, even if… Read More

    How does a sales agent monitoring application help a sales team?

    Field sales agents are a vital part of many businesses when used correctly, after all in person interactions can be extremely beneficial in terms of progressing the sales process and building a strong customer relationship. It is for this reason that field sales teams spend the majority of their time outside of the office interacting… Read More

    How can a sales agent monitoring system assist government employees?

    As businesses begin to adopt software solutions they begin to provide better services and a more complete customer experience, however this results in a shift in customer expectation particularly within the government sector as customers begin to expect more from the public sector. Due to the nature of the government sector they are often required… Read More

    Does a Sales Agent Monitoring Solution change the way agents work for the better?

    Sales Agents are an integral part of any company and while the idea of these employees being replaced by automated software solutions is a naive thought, there are many sales trends that will appear and software solutions can be a beneficial tool in these cases. With many sales trends staying and making an impact on… Read More

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