9 Must-Have Features of an Effective Software for Maintenance Management


Nowadays, even the smallest businesses use several critical systems such as computers, equipment, and machinery. They have become essential to run the business, ensure compliance with safety regulations (sprinklers, alarms, etc.), properly serve customers, and so on. It goes without saying that larger organizations use several pieces of heavy machinery in their plants and facilities. Something equally important, if not more important, is ensuring that these pieces of equipment last longer, provide the best service, and work without malfunctioning – something that’s ensured via maintenance management. Fortunately, there are CMMS solutions available that help with maintenance management – reducing unplanned machine downtime, improving asset longevity, helping with preventive maintenance planning, and more. However, what are the must-have features of a robust software for maintenance management? Let’s explore. 

Software for maintenance management – the features you need

Requests and work order management

One of the most important features of a CMMS solution is the ability to ensure that everyone across the organization can report an unexpected equipment breakdown whenever they notice it and submit a work request. After verification, the work request can be converted into a work order and a technician is assigned to deal with the problem. 

Our CloudApper CMMS software for maintenance management makes it even easier to handle work requests and work order management. Authorized users can simply use their smartphones or tablets to submit requests and even provide pictures and videos as attachments – making it a much more streamlined process. This brings us to the next feature of a robust CMMS app.

Maintenance schedule management

CloudApper CMMS, for instance, can be used to schedule maintenance tasks right from smartphones. If we take the example in the previous point, whenever an asset requires maintenance, the maintenance manager can create a work order which will be scheduled and routed to the appropriate person, cutting down response times and increasing effectiveness. 

For the regular maintenance tasks, these can be created and maintenance team members can be assigned. The progress, status, and effectiveness can be monitored using a smartphone or computer – making maintenance management truly mobile. 

Mobile app

One of the most important features of an effective software for maintenance management is the availability of a mobile version. Thankfully, CloudApper CMMS comes with a mobile app – putting maintenance management in the palm of your hand! View work requests, schedule maintenance tasks, create work orders, and more, right from your smartphone! 

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CloudApper CMMS
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Layout maps

An effective CMMS solution must be able to provide users and the organization with an overview of where exactly the different assets are located across the facility. CloudApper CMMS ensures that the users know where the assets are located, on which floor, which room, etc. using a digital floor plan – cutting down the time required to locate the asset in question.

Asset management

This is one of the more crucial features of any given CMMS solution, and how it’s implemented can make or break maintenance management. For instance, CloudApper CMMS ensures that users can keep the information about equipment including everything related to maintenance such as manuals, documents, warranty information, notes, etc. in a centralized location and in an organized manner. This helps pull up important information whenever necessary, just with a few taps. 

Spare parts and inventory management

While asset management is about being able to access the information about the pieces of equipment, spare parts & inventory management is about collecting the information regarding, you guessed it, spare parts. To streamline the process, CloudApper CMMS also provides barcode scanning so that users can simply scan the codes and retrieve important information, check the levels of inventory, know when spare parts need to be replaced or purchased, and so on – making it easier than ever. 

Vendor management

A robust CMMS solution must be able to keep track of all the vendors, suppliers, and third-party individuals that the organization deals with regarding maintenance management. For instance, the contact person at the equipment manufacturer or the supplier of spare parts are kept here. The relevant information can be attached to work orders, or the most recent details can be viewed by relevant users, streamlining maintenance management.



A CMMS solution must not require organizations to change their entire maintenance management process to use it, which would be an extremely costly and time-consuming investment. While some solutions do offer some form of customization, our CloudApper CMMS solution is entirely customizable – providing users with the ability to make the solution theirs entirely! Users don’t even need to have coding skills – they can use drag and drop templates, edit modules, test out the feature(s), and publish them! This way, organizations can modify our CloudApper CMMS solution to fit their processes, not the other way around.

Analytics dashboard

CloudApper CMMS software comes with a powerful, insightful, yet simple analytics dashboard. The management can monitor activities, see the number of work requests, pending ones, open work orders, critical ones, offline assets, top performers, and more, both from smartphones and computers. This helps provide the management with crucial information and make informed decisions even on the go.

CloudApper CMMS is the software you need for maintenance management

CloudApper CMMS provides organizations with a host of powerful yet easy-to-use features. However, the best part is that it’s entirely customizable – making it a solution for both small and large businesses. Moreover, all of these features are available at an affordable price, but you don’t have to pay right away. You can contact us and find out how our CMMS app can streamline maintenance management for your organization – what are you waiting for?

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