CloudApper CMMS vs. Fiix’s CMMS – Maintenance Management Software Comparison


As a follower of our blog, you’ll know how important maintenance management is for organizations, especially those that house several pieces of equipment and machinery. While we’ve covered various topics on maintenance management, this article is about the comparison between two maintenance management software solutions, namely CloudApper CMMS and Fiix’s CMMS. We’ll be taking a look at both of the solutions, to compare features, and see which CMMS fits which scenarios – let’s dive in. 

A brief overview of Fiix’s CMMS

Fiix’s CMMS is a high-end maintenance management software that’s deployed across several diverse organizations. It has different subscription options including a free one, and organizations that pay more will get more features, including cutting-edge ones. 

Fiix’s CMMS software covers almost every aspect of maintenance management. Asset maintenance management, work order management, work request portal, maintenance scheduling, spare parts & inventory management, reporting, and much more. It also can integrate with many popular systems.

Fiix’s CMMS also has an AI engine for maintenance that can provide reliable forecasts for better maintenance management. Moreover, it can be integrated with different sensors and connectors for predictive maintenance, making the solution ideal for those who want predictive maintenance. 

When it comes to pricing, Fiix’s CMMS has four tiers, and there’s even a free plan option! But like with almost every other free plan, there are quite a few restrictions associated with it. The free plan can be used by 3 users, has a mobile app, and organizations can have up to 25 PMs at once, but no advanced notifications, no multisite management, no standard reports, no custom ERP or API integrations, no configurable interface, and so on.

The basic plan of Fiix’s CMMS starts at $45/user/month. However, several important features are hidden behind paywalls such as multi-asset work orders and inspection rounds, advanced notifications, work order insights, multi-site management, ERP and API integration, customizable interface, audit log, etc. 

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With that out of the way, let’s take a look at the next part of this maintenance management software comparison – a quick look at CloudApper CMMS.

A brief overview of CloudApper CMMS

CloudApper’s robust yet flexible maintenance management software is built using a no-code enterprise mobile apps platform that can be modified without any coding skills – more on that later. 

CloudApper CMMS is a robust, flexible, and entirely customizable preventive maintenance software that provides users with a host of powerful features that they can use on the go. Maintenance managers can schedule tasks, assign resources, handle work order and requests management, asset management, spare parts and inventory management, and much more, even from smartphones. CloudApper CMMS makes maintenance management truly mobile as it ensures on the go collaboration, barcode scanning for quick work history retrieval, a powerful analytics dashboard, among other benefits.

CloudApper CMMS is entirely customizable as well – making it a truly flexible maintenance management solution. 


The best part is that CloudApper CMMS is extremely affordable – only $10/user/month! However, not only are all the features included in the basic price, but it also includes access to a marketplace that has several other useful enterprise mobile applications. 

Now, let’s see how CloudApper CMMS and Fiix’s CMMS stack up against each other.

CMMS software comparison – CloudApper CMMS vs. Fiix’s CMMS

FeaturesCloudApper CMMSFiix’s CMMS
MaintenancePreventive and reactivePreventive and reactive
Asset ManagementYesYes
Work Order ManagementYesYes
Work Request SystemYes Yes
Mobile AppYesYes
Audit LogYesN/A for the basic plan
Spare Parts & Inventory ManagementYesYes
CustomizationFully CustomizableN/A for the basic plan
Vendor ManagementYesYes
Support for multiple facilities YesN/A for the basic plan
Meter ReadingsYesYes
IntegrationYesN/A for the basic plan
QR/Barcode/NFC ScanningYesQR/Barcode
Price$10/user/month (Unlimited apps)$45/user/month for the basic plan

Who should choose Fiix’s CMMS? 

Organizations wanting all the bells and whistles

Fiix’s CMMS comes with essential maintenance management features such as work order management, asset management, spare parts and inventory management, reporting, and more. Integration with APIs and ERPs is also available – enabling predictive maintenance for those who want it, as well as an AI engine for more reliable forecasts.

Unfortunately, several features such as API integration for predictive maintenance, multiple site management, the AI engine, advanced notifications, and audit log are blocked without upgrading to the more expensive plans. However, that takes us to the next type of organization that should choose Fiix’s CMMS.

Organizations that have a huge budget for maintenance management software

Using all the features of Fiix’s CMMS isn’t mandatory, but some crucial features are available only with the most expensive plan. If budget isn’t an issue, which is quite normal for larger organizations, then choosing an established player like Fiix’s CMMS can be a good option. 


Who should choose CloudApper CMMS?

Organizations that want a fully customizable CMMS solution

CloudApper CMMS is an entirely customizable preventive maintenance software that can be modified even without coding knowledge. The management can make changes per their requirements and make the CMMS app their own, rather than changing their processes and practices to fit the application. It’s as easy as dragging and dropping templates, testing out the features, and publishing the app – the potential is huge!

Organizations can even customize the dashboard entirely – cutting out what’s not necessary and adding crucial information, helping provide useful insights whenever required.

Organizations that want a value-for-the-money CMMS 

CloudApper CMMS is customizable, flexible, and affordable for virtually any organization. It’s only $10/user/month and provides ALL the features in the single subscription fee. However, as previously mentioned, it also includes access to a marketplace that houses a plethora of useful enterprise apps that are all customizable and can be used right from smartphones, making it truly a great value for the money solution (and platform).

Which CMMS solution is best for your organization? 

While almost all organizations need to ensure maintenance management, not all have the same requirements and resources for it. For instance, global organizations, those with limitless maintenance management budgets, and those who want all the latest features can go for Fiix’s CMMS.

On the other hand, organizations that want better value for their money, have budget constraints, want an entirely customizable solution, and want more than a preventive maintenance app (it comes with a marketplace, after all!), can choose CloudApper’s CMMS. CloudApper CMMS helps reduce machine downtime, streamline maintenance management, and simplify equipment repairs all in one affordable solution. 

Sign up for a FREE TRIAL now to see how CloudApper CMMS simplifies maintenance management for your organization.

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