CloudApper CMMS vs. Hippo CMMS Software Comparison – Which One Should You Choose?


CMMS solutions have been a blessing for many organizations around the world. A CMMS app helps with preventative maintenance, reducing machine downtime, inventory and spare parts management, and so much more – reducing costs significantly in the process. One might say that CMMS has become almost a necessity, especially for organizations with heavy machinery and complex systems that need maintenance. As a result, there are several solutions available with new ones popping up every day. However, organizations need to select the one that meets their specific needs. That being said, let’s see how CloudApper CMMS stacks up against Hippo CMMS in this CMMS software comparison. 

Hippo CMMS in a nutshell

Hippo CMMS is a premier maintenance management solution used by many diverse organizations. It comes with all the features required – work order management, equipment management, maintenance reporting, preventive maintenance management, vendor management, and more. 

All of this helps users ensure preventive maintenance for their equipment and machinery, streamlining work orders, ensuring accountability, keeping records of all the information, providing insights to management, and more. 

The cheapest package costs $39/user/month and has certain limitations, such as up to 25 unique requesters, a maximum of 100 equipment items, no mobile app, no custom UI, and so on. For the full experience, users have to pay $99/user/month – making this a premium solution. 


With Hippo CMMS out of the way, as part of this software comparison, let’s take a look at CloudApper CMMS. 

CloudApper CMMS in a nutshell

CloudApper CMMS is a mobile and web application that streamlines maintenance management, helps with preventative maintenance tasks, as well as asset and equipment management, scheduling, spare parts and inventory management, and much, much more. Moreover, all of the open work orders, work requests, pending requests, completed work orders, offline assets, top technicians, and other necessary information can be seen in the analytics dashboard – providing the management with real-time visibility. 

CloudApper CMMS
CloudApper CMMS
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CloudApper CMMS helps reduce unplanned machine downtime, build a useful maintenance knowledgebase, increase the life cycle of assets, and reduce maintenance costs significantly. CloudApper CMMS costs $10/user/month for all the features – none of the features require upgrading at a more expensive subscription fee. And the best part is that the same subscription fee covers access to a plethora of apps, thanks to the CloudApper platform! 

CloudApper is a no-code enterprise mobile app development platform with a plethora of useful applications that organizations can use for digital transformation. It helps organizations become paperless, reduce IT dependency, improve productivity, and more. Organizations don’t need to pay for apps separately – one subscription fee of $10/user/month covers everything! The best part is all of the apps are customizable – users can customize apps according to their needs. 

CMMS software comparison – CloudApper CMMS vs. Hippo CMMS

FeaturesCloudApper CMMSHippo CMMS
Preventive Maintenance YesYes
Enterprise Asset ManagementYesYes
Work Order ManagementYesYes
Work Request SystemYes Yes 
Mobile AppYesN/A for the basic plan
Spare Parts & Inventory ManagementYesYes
CustomizationFully CustomizableCustom UI N/A for the basic plan
Reports and DashboardsYesYes 
Vendor ManagementYesYes
Support for multiple facilities YesN/A for the basic plan
Price$10/user/month (Unlimited apps)$39/user/month for the basic plan

Reasons to choose Hippo CMMS

  • If you are okay without the features (especially a mobile app) missing from the most basic plan

Hippo CMMS has many useful features for organizations that need to ensure the proper function of their machinery at all times. However, with the most basic plan, organizations will be missing out on a number of useful features, such as the KPI dashboard, custom UI, mobile app, unlimited requesters, unlimited equipment, the mobile app, and more. Even without these features, the cost is $39/user/month, making it a “premium” solution.

  • If you have the budget to access all the features

All the features stated above (and more) will set organizations back $99/user/month. In return, they will get a fully-fledged CMMS solution, including the mobile version. While the “mid-range” plan provides the mobile app, it doesn’t come with unlimited requesters, work order templates, unlimited equipment, and other features. Thus, organizations must be careful and check out which features they’ll get for the price.

Reasons to choose CloudApper CMMS

  • If you want to access all features with one affordable solution

CloudApper CMMS comes with just one plan, which is extremely affordable – only $10/user/month! Moreover, this same plan will give organizations access to all the important features a CMMS must offer, such as asset management, maintenance scheduling, inventory and parts management, work order management, work request management, vendor management, and a powerful analytics dashboard that shows all the progress, bottlenecks, and top performers. 

  • If you want a customizable CMMS solution

CloudApper CMMS is entirely customizable – organizations can easily add or modify modules without any coding skills. Organizations don’t need to choose a CMMS solution with CloudApper’s features, they can modify it to fit their requirements easily. It’s as easy as dragging and dropping modules, testing the features, and publishing them! 

  • If you want more than a CMMS solution

As already mentioned, choosing CloudApper CMMS software comes with access to a marketplace of many useful enterprise apps. With these apps, organizations can manage their facilities, ensure workplace safety, simplify customer relationship management, and much, much more – all for the same subscription fee! 

Choose wisely when selecting a solution from this CMMS software comparison!

Organizations could do well with either CloudApper CMMS or Hippo CMMS – they are both competent, robust, and simple to use. However, while Hippo CMMS fails to provide every feature with its most basic plan, the mobile app, in particular, CloudApper CMMS provides far more value – unlimited apps, customization, affordability, and simplicity – for just $10/user/month. 

Interested in CloudApper CMMS after this head-to-head CMMS software comparison? Sign up for a free trial now and see how CloudApper CMMS can simplify maintenance management and asset repairs!

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