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Equipment-intensive organizations, as well as maintenance managers, know how essential maintenance management is – if they want to reduce costs, minimize safety incidents, and improve production, among other things. Most of them are opting for preventive maintenance as it has far more benefits than reactive (also known as corrective) maintenance – something which is becoming obsolete and costlier. Preventive maintenance ensures that the equipment is receiving frequent maintenance that helps reduce unexpected equipment breakdown and improve asset reliability, among other things. However, preventive maintenance requires more resources, planning, and effort – all of which can be streamlined using a robust CMMS app. That being said, let’s take a look at two prominent CMMS solutions, CloudApper CMMS and UpKeep, in this direct CMMS software comparison.

UpKeep in a nutshell

UpKeep is a premium CMMS solution that’s being used by several high-end organizations across the world. It is quite famous in the maintenance management space and has a host of useful features as well as cutting-edge ones. 

UpKeep serves industries such as manufacturing, hospitality, non-profit organizations, recreational, and agriculture, among others. 

UpKeep also has all the common CMMS features such as work order management, preventive maintenance planning, maintenance report generation, work requests management, asset management, spare parts & inventory management, and purchase order management. 

However, UpKeep also has predictive maintenance features for those who want them, providing real-time asset monitoring via IoT sensors.

While UpKeep has an entirely free plan, it has extremely limited functionality. Crucial features such as checklists, preventive maintenance, work requests, meter readings, file uploads, as well as reporting and history are missing. 

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UpKeep’s paid plans start at $45/month/user and go all the way up to $120/month/user. Although we did mention that it’s a premium offering – we’ve seen other reputed CMMS solutions cheaper than this one. The cheapest paid plan misses out on some crucial features such as work requests portal, purchase orders, limited history of 30 days, and more – we’ll see that in detail later. 

For now, let’s dive into the next part of this CMMS software comparison, a quick overview of CloudApper CMMS.

A quick overview of CloudApper CMMS

Built using CloudApper, a no-code enterprise mobile apps platform, CloudApper CMMS is an entirely customizable, robust, yet affordable preventive maintenance software.

CloudApper CMMS has a host of features such as a customizable analytics dashboard, maintenance schedule management, work order management, layout maps, asset management, spare parts & inventory management, vendor management, and much more. 


CloudApper CMMS can be customized entirely by users, even if they don’t have any coding skills or knowledge! It helps organizations streamline maintenance management, reduce unplanned machine downtime, improve asset reliability, and increase asset longevity.

All of this, and more, costs only $10/user/month – no features are locked behind upgradation fees. The best part is that organizations get access to the entire CloudApper marketplace – they can use other useful enterprise solutions all for $10/user/month! 

With the overview out of the way, let’s rank CloudApper CMMS against UpKeep.

CMMS software comparison – CloudApper CMMS vs. UpKeep

Features CloudApper CMMS UpKeep
Preventive Maintenance  Yes Yes
Asset Management Yes Yes
Work Order Management Yes Yes
Work Request System Yes  N/A for the starter plan 
Mobile App Yes Yes
Spare Parts & Inventory Management Yes Yes
Customization Fully Customizable N/A for the starter plan
Reports and Dashboards Yes Limited for the starter plan 
Vendor Management Yes Yes
Support for multiple facilities  Yes N/A for the starter plan
Meter Readings Yes Yes
PdM (IoT Sensors) No Yes
Price $10/user/month (Unlimited apps) $45/user/month for the starter plan

Who should choose UpKeep?

Organizations looking for a premium CMMS solution

UpKeep has made quite a name for itself within the maintenance management space. As a result, the price they demand is premium when compared to its competitors. While others in the same class charge around $40/user/month, UpKeep charges $45/user/month. Even then, not all the features are available – organizations need to upgrade to their most expensive plan at $120/user/month for full access. 

Organizations that are okay without a few useful features

This point is for organizations that don’t want to invest a lot in a CMMS solution but still want to use a highly rated solution. There are two options – either the free plan, which has extremely limited features, or else the basic plan for $45/user/month. While the starter plan is better than the free one, restrictions like no work request systems, no customizable dashboards, limited reports, and no support for multiple facilities can be a hindrance. However, organizations that don’t need these features can choose to use Upkeep. 

Organizations that need a cutting-edge solution

Predictive maintenance is apparently the next big thing, and UpKeep’s real-time asset monitoring via IoT sensors can help organizations that want to invest in this new approach of maintenance management. However, this is mostly applicable for top-tier organizations because setting up and using such devices up can be costly, at least for now. 


Who should use CloudApper CMMS?

Organizations that want all the features at an affordable price

As previously mentioned, CloudApper CMMS provides ALL the features at an extremely affordable price – $10/user/month. While other CMMS solutions usually keep some useful features inaccessible without upgrading to more expensive plans, CloudApper’s CMMS provides work order management, vendor management, asset management, support for multiple facilities, work request management, and more – all with the same low subscription fee. 

Organizations that want a fully customizable CMMS solution

Many organizations have to modify their maintenance management practices to fit the CMMS solution. However, doing so isn’t feasible for every company as they might need to modify years of documentation, come up with new practices, and so on.

CloudApper CMMS doesn’t believe in the “one shoe fits all” approach and thus provides an entirely customizable solution. This way, organizations can modify the robust app to meet their maintenance needs, rather than the other way around, helping them save time, effort, and lots of costs down the line. Organizations can reduce unplanned equipment downtime, simplify asset repair, and streamline maintenance management the way they want to. 

Organizations that want more than a CMMS solution

CloudApper CMMS includes a marketplace that has a plethora of enterprise applications. Organizations that want project management, CRM, field sales force management, customer ticketing, facility management, asset tracking, fleet management, and more, can opt for CloudApper’s platform – everything is available within the same subscription fee of $10/user/month. 

Confused about which CMMS software to choose?

The purpose of this CMMS software comparison was to guide your organization towards the best CMMS solution. 

CloudApper CMMS ensures affordability, customizability, and more value for the money. With access to an entire marketplace, it’s hard to beat that! 

UpKeep provides cutting-edge features to those who want them, however, they come at quite high prices. Typically, only top-tier organizations will choose UpKeep as they can easily afford such a premium solution.

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