5 Benefits of Digitizing Equipment Maintenance


Equipment maintenance isn’t anything new – virtually every organization has been ensuring maintenance management since its inception. However, while corrective or reactive maintenance was once commonplace, it has a number of disadvantages associated with it. Corrective maintenance focuses on fixing problems after they occur, and typically, that’s it. It does nothing to prevent breakdowns from occurring again. This leads to malfunctions, unplanned machine downtime, higher costs, and premature death of the machinery.

Fortunately, most organizations have shifted towards preventive maintenance, something that requires maintenance management digitization. While organizations previously used binders, paperwork, and excel spreadsheets, robust CMMS solutions like CloudApper CMMS help them digitize maintenance management processes, information, and more – helping them in several ways. That being said, let’s take a look at some of the top benefits of digitizing equipment maintenance. 

Benefits of digitizing equipment maintenance management

It can save a lot of time

Preventive maintenance can be overwhelming, but with the right tools, it can be managed efficiently. That’s exactly what digitizing does.

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Using a robust maintenance management app helps keep all information in a centralized location. Imagine this – maintenance technicians can easily retrieve the entire work history of a piece of equipment just by scanning a barcode. Earlier, all of this documentation was done with paperwork or spreadsheets – both of which can be quite time-consuming and hectic to collect and retrieve. A considerable amount of time can be saved, all thanks to digitization! 

It can help streamline maintenance tasks

Digitizing maintenance tasks brings several benefits to any given organization. With a mobile-based CMMS app, companies can easily plan, schedule, assign, and even track maintenance tasks effectively. However, that’s not all – a robust CMMS app can even help generate and store checklists that help with inspections. Even the most capable maintenance technician needs help, and with digitization, carrying around and viewing a plethora of checklists and the tasks assigned for different pieces of equipment is easier than ever. 

It provides valuable insights

While maintenance tasks help the pieces of equipment run smoothly and reliably, digitizing maintenance management brings a lot more to the table. Digitization includes information regarding assets, maintenance tasks, technicians, vendors, spare parts, and more. Tools like CloudApper CMMS, for instance, come with a powerful and customizable analytics dashboard that helps transform all the numbers into meaningful information. The number of offline assets, most frequently offline assets, best-performing technicians, open or critical work orders, number of work requests pending, and other relevant information can easily be seen right from the dashboard – helping maintenance managers get all the information they need at a glance to make informed decisions. 

It improves collaboration

It’s quite simple – maintenance managers create, schedule, and assign tasks to technicians. Technicians acknowledge the tasks, perform them, and update the information. Employees identify anomalies and report them via work requests. Management can keep track of the tasks performed, progress, and anything else that requires attention. All of this is possible with the digitization of equipment maintenance – it improves collaboration as everyone is always on the same page regarding all tasks and updates. 

It saves costs

Digitizing equipment maintenance along with preventive maintenance helps the equipment receive routine maintenance, inspections, servicing, and more. All of this results in fewer breakdowns, better equipment performance, and simplified asset repairs – reducing replacement, repair, and maintenance costs down the line.

CloudApper CMMS helps with maintenance digitization

CloudApper CMMS is a robust mobile CMMS software that helps digitize maintenance management processes. It digitizes work orders, work requests, work history, checklists, and more, and it brings all the aforementioned benefits to users.


CloudApper CMMS is also an entirely customizable solution where the users can modify the app all by themselves thanks to CloudApper’s no-code enterprise app development platform! With drag-and-drop editable templates, organizations can create the CMMS app they want even without coding skills! 

CloudApper CMMS streamlines maintenance tasks, provides a powerful analytics dashboard, simplifies asset repairs, and minimizes unplanned equipment downtime right from smartphones – making maintenance management truly mobile.

Contact us now and learn how CloudApper CMMS digitizes maintenance management.

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