5 Crucial Factors to Consider While Choosing a CMMS Solution


Contemporary organizations have to utilize several complex and expensive pieces of machinery to stay ahead of the competition, run operations, and make profits, irrespective of their size. However, using the equipment just to carry out the tasks isn’t enough – organizations must ensure that the equipment receives maintenance so that it operates optimally, lasts longer, reduces costs, and minimizes disruptions. Crucial tools such as the preventive maintenance plan and the CMMS solution can make or break maintenance management. Having said that, let’s explore five critical factors that organizations must consider while choosing a maintenance management solution. 

Five critical aspects to consider when choosing a CMMS solution


One of the most prominent factors organizations look at when choosing a CMMS solution is customizability. Different organizations have varying maintenance management needs even if they are close competitors. For instance, one might go for preventive maintenance, whereas another one goes for predictive maintenance. They might even provide maintenance to the same equipment in a different manner. The bottom line is that organizations look for a solution that fits their needs, which is customizable. 

Fortunately, CloudApper CMMS is ideal in this scenario as it’s entirely customizable. Organizations don’t need to know a single line of code to customize the solution – it’s built using CloudApper, a no-code enterprise app development platform. Organizations can simply add and remove features as they please to mold the solution to fit their practices and not the other way around. 

Ease of use

It’s true that effective maintenance management is challenging and it’s the CMMS app’s job to make it easier for maintenance teams. However, since it’s a vast market, there are different maintenance management apps available – organizations need to identify the one that meets their needs, is easy to use, and is uncluttered. However, suppose an organization makes the wrong decision and chooses a hard-to-use maintenance management system. In this scenario, the CMMS app will have a steeper learning curve and take maintenance technicians longer to get the hang of it, making it counterintuitive. That’s because the more complicated the solution is, the more time it’ll take to understand the ins and outs of it. 

CloudApper CMMS is one of the most intuitive maintenance management solutions out there. Just tapping on the app takes authorized users to the dashboard, providing them with a bird’s eye view of the current maintenance management scenario. Users can then tap the modules to see the contents quickly, provide feedback, check updates, and everything else in between. It also comes with a tutorial when a user logs in for the first time, showing them what’s available in which module. 

Moreover, since CloudApper CMMS is entirely customizable, users can customize the app to meet their needs, making it more straightforward or more complex as the situation demands. Also, as users will be customizing CloudApper CMMS, they can easily remember how to use it, making it more convenient. 

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Mobile access

One of the most sought-after CMMS features is mobile usability – it makes maintenance management on-the-go possible. A CMMS that can be used from smartphones boosts efficiency and reduces response times as technicians are provided work orders on the go while managers can check updates without being tied to a desk. However, most vendors have their mobile version locked behind more expensive subscription fees.

CloudApper CMMS, on the other hand, focuses on mobile usability and provides mobile versions by default that are accessible from smartphones and tablets, making maintenance management genuinely mobile. 


Scalability is an essential factor that organizations consider when choosing a CMMS solution for their maintenance needs. While the features or effectiveness of the CMMS app are important, how well the solution can be scaled to fit the organization’s needs is an essential factor as well. For instance, an organization is expanding its maintenance team or is purchasing a large amount of machinery – these are actions that require the solution to house more information than before. 

Typically, while most CMMS solutions are scalable, doing so can be pretty expensive. However, with CloudApper, it’s easy and affordable at the same time – it’s $10/user/month with unlimited storage and access to unlimited enterprise mobile apps, making it quite an appealing deal. 



When choosing a CMMS software solution, a significant factor is how much it will cost the organization in question. While any organization uses several solutions to support and streamline its business processes, very few can afford premium maintenance management systems. Moreover, more expensive doesn’t always mean that it’s better – organizations need to identify the preventive maintenance management system that is effective and affordable at the same time. 

CloudApper CMMS, for instance, is quite affordable as it only costs $10/user/month. To put things into perspective, competing solutions start from $33/user/month, which is the cheapest plan, with several essential features missing. Organizations that want the complete solution need to pay more. CloudApper CMMS, on the other hand, provides all the features, full customization, and access to unlimited enterprise apps, all for $10/user/month, making it one of the best deals out there today.

CloudApper CMMS is the ideal solution for maintenance management

CloudApper CMMS is the maintenance management app that provides far more for less. 

  • It’s a highly customizable CMMS software.
  • It enables mobility as it can be accessed from smartphones.
  • It provides all the features at the base price.
  • It provides access to a plethora of enterprise apps.

All of the above is available for only $10/user/month. CloudApper CMMS streamlines maintenance management efforts, helps with repairs, and reduces equipment downtime significantly. 

Contact us now to see how CloudApper CMMS ticks the right boxes and boosts your maintenance management efforts affordably.

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