Integrating CloudApper CMMS with Sage 200 ERP for Hassle-Free Asset Maintenance


By integrating Sage 200 and CloudApper CMMS, businesses have a central platform where they access all their information, rather than a platform that only stores data relevant to each department. This allows companies to have a holistic view of their activities. A centralized platform also provides companies with the opportunity to monitor how maintenance activities affect other departments.

Maintenance is a crucial aspect of any business. From small businesses with a handful of employees to large-scale enterprises with several plants and factories, there will always be assets that require maintenance.

CloudApper CMMS is a computerized maintenance management system. CMMS provides a central platform for all companies, regardless of the scale, to conduct their maintenance activities. Work order management, maintenance scheduling, employee and inventory management, and so much more, can all be conducted through the cloud-based and mobile applications provided by CloudApper and CMMS.

Sage 200 ERP

Sage is an enterprise resource planning company. Sage 200 provides solutions to cover all facets of the business process, from customer relationship management to financial management and maintenance management.

Why Integrating CloudApper CMMS with Sage 200 ERP is important?

Centralized information platform

Managing the processes conducted by your business over multiple platforms is both inefficient and leaves room for errors and misunderstandings. This can also lead to departments working within a silo, which must be avoided as it can decrease the synergy within the company.

Efficiently manage staff and inventory

It is vital for companies to efficiently manage their staff and their inventory if they want to operate a successful business.

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CMMS and Sage integration allows companies to manage their staff and inventory. With a total overview of the company’s processes, it will become easier to assign an employee based on their specific maintenance expertise or assign resources between departments, all without leading to a shortage. The integration will lead to an optimized way of operating for both the staff and inventory.

Avoid making costly mistakes

It is easy for a department within a company to make a decision without thinking about the effect this could have on various departments or the company as a whole. This is especially true for departments that operate independently without awareness of other departments. This must be avoided as the repercussions can be harmful to the company.

Integrating CloudApper CMMS with Sage 200 ERP can assist companies in avoiding making maintenance decisions that will affect segments of the company. With an overview of all the processes taking place, maintenance decisions such as the retirement of specific assets will not affect certain departments, or the company as a whole, because the platforms will provide insight on whether machinery is still crucial. This is extremely important as errors that affect operations can lead to a lot of money lost.

Develop accurate reports

Developing maintenance management reports can be a difficult task. This is especially true if the information is required from other departments.

By integrating Sage 200 with CloudApper CMMS, companies now have a platform that monitors and stores a company’s information as a whole, allowing the company to access data from several departments to develop accurate records.

Integrating CloudApper CMMS with Sage 200 ERP can streamline the change process 

Implementing a new system can be complex. This is especially true if employees are not familiar with the system or averse to change. These challenges can make change difficult.

Sage is an international and highly reputable software provider that can be found in many companies. By integrating Sage 200 and CMMS, employees will be open to adopting the CMMS system and using it for their maintenance needs. This results in a streamlined transition toward a CMMS system that benefits a company and its maintenance management responsibilities.


Managing a company and staying ahead of the maintenance responsibilities which pile up can be overwhelming. By integrating Sage 200 with CMMS, companies can reap the benefits of both solutions to work efficiently.

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