Strategies for Effective Maintenance Parts Inventory Management


Keeping up with maintenance parts inventory is no easy task. Ensuring that adequate inventory is on hand when it is needed while avoiding expensive overstock requires careful planning. Here are the most important steps for implementing a successful maintenance parts inventory management strategy, and how CloudApper software can help.

Be Proactive

Any successful parts management strategy involves taking a proactive approach to problem solving, placing a high priority on prevention. The optimal time for solving any problem is before the issue even presents itself. The old adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is particularly relevant to parts inventory management. The costs of preventative maintenance are orders of magnitude lower than expenses stemming from loss and damage. As much as possible, focus on being proactive, not reactive.

Institute Policies and Procedures

A smooth-running maintenance department depends on the entire staff knowing what is expected and having a consistent plan for preventative maintenance and problem resolution. In order for the entire team to be on the same program, a set of standard operating procedures (SOP) should be developed to clearly delineate the policies of the department. The SOP should be accessible to the entire staff, and a regular training schedule should be instituted to ensure that all personnel have a fresh and up-to-date understanding of inventory maintenance policies and procedures.

Take Advantage of Maintenance Technology

Management has never been easier with the development of cloud-based software that makes every aspect and data point of inventory maintenance instantly available to management personnel at any time, from any location, and on any device capable of accessing the internet. The CloudApper CMMS platform provides real time interactive access to data and reports on parts and inventory, scheduling of orders and shipments, maintenance and regulatory deadlines, and personnel management. The system can be custom configured to access and display information in the manner most suitable and convenient for each company.

Plan Ahead

One of the most useful applications of maintenance inventory management software is the tracking and reporting of lead times. Knowing when parts inventory will be needed and making sure enough stock is on hand so that projects can move forward on schedule is crucial in eliminating expensive delays and down time. An efficient tracking system can also eliminate wasteful overstock by ensuring that only essential inventories of parts and supplies are kept on hand.

Perform Risk Assessment

A critical aspect of parts inventory maintenance management is predicting and avoiding down time. The management staff should regularly perform an assessment of which assets are at risk of failing or in need of maintenance so that adequate parts and supplies can be on hand when needed. This not only reduces the time that equipment and other resources will be down for repair, the risk assessment serves as a tool for scheduling preventative maintenance so that fewer repairs will be needed in the first place. Convenient and easy-to-use risk assessment tools are integrated within the CloudApper software platform.

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Put Security First

While a parts inventory management strategy primarily focuses on equipment and supplies, loss prevention serves a key role in ensuring that adequate parts are on hand when they are needed. The CloudApper software allows managers to scan bar codes on all items moving into and out of inventory and automatically track times, locations, and personnel involved in their use. Coupled with security policies restricting access to inventory, CloudApper’s security tools will help reduce expensive downtown and wasteful reordering of supplies and equipment.

There is no substitute for a comprehensive maintenance parts inventory management strategy. Implementing policies to perform regular maintenance, keep adequate inventory on hand, and restrict unauthorized access to stock reduces waste and down time. Contact us today to find out how CloudApper software can help your company meet its parts inventory management challenges.


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