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Top 3 Ways a Robust CMMS Improves Asset Reliability


Maintenance managers have one of the most essential jobs in any organization. They need to ensure that the equipment works properly at all times and minimize disruptions by reducing unplanned downtime. In other words, they need to improve asset reliability, reduce malfunctions, plan maintenance tasks, and supervise the maintenance team, even though it’s easier said than done. 

Fortunately, while maintenance management is no easy feat, CMMS solutions have made it easier for maintenance managers. That being said, let’s take a look at how a computerized maintenance management system improves asset reliability, helps maintenance managers, and ensures that business operations run without hiccups.

How a CMMS solution improves asset reliability

It stores and keeps asset information organized

Maintenance managers know how crucial it is to keep an asset’s information organized. While most might think that there’s not much to it, there are many things involved, especially with industrial equipment. The model, make, serial number, manuals, work history, warranty information, spare parts required, and other documentation must be kept organized for maintenance tasks.

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A solution like CloudApper CMMS helps maintenance managers keep all of that information organized so that maintenance technicians can use it whenever they need it during their job. New work history is attached automatically to the specific piece of equipment, and everything can be kept track of, making maintenance tasks more manageable. In addition, a CMMS can trace even the earliest work history with just a few taps – something that’s not possible without a robust CMMS solution or with paper-based or obsolete systems.

It simplifies scheduled and emergency maintenance tasks

One of the topmost priorities of maintenance teams is to reduce unexpected equipment breakdowns, and for that, they focus on improving asset reliability. When a piece of equipment performs reliably, it leads to lower wear and tear, fewer breakdowns, and minimal downtime.

Now, there are two sides to equipment downtime, planned and unplanned, and maintenance teams need to optimize planned downtime (maintenance tasks) and reduce unplanned downtime (breakdowns, malfunctions, etc.). 

A robust CMMS solution helps plan, schedule, and track maintenance tasks, activities, and inspections in a manner that doesn’t hamper production or operations. For instance, technicians can plan to take a machine offline for significant maintenance at a time when it’s not used, or a crucial machine is inspected at regular intervals (days, weeks, etc.) to see if there are any underlying issues. With CloudApper CMMS, maintenance managers can plan and create required work orders and assign technicians to them. As CloudApper CMMS can be used from mobile devices, technicians are notified regarding the work orders on their smartphones. Managers can monitor the ongoing tasks and provide feedback if required. As a result, technicians can access all the information necessary to carry out the tasks and update the maintenance work orders accordingly – all from smartphones. This helps reduce wear and tear, overheating, and ensures that the equipment is regularly taken care of – helping it provide consistent performance. 

For reducing unplanned downtime, CloudApper CMMS can be beneficial as it speeds up the process. Regular employees like machine operators can easily submit work requests right from their smartphones – they just need to scan the barcode of the malfunctioning equipment and provide the details. Maintenance managers can then review the request and assign relevant technicians for emergency repairs.

It helps keep track of required parts and inventory

While this has been briefly touched upon in one of the points above, it warrants proper explanation. One of the biggest impediments to repairs and maintenance tasks is the mismanagement of spare parts and inventory. This leads to delayed asset repairs and maintenance, hampering the asset’s performance, reliability, and longevity.

An industrial centrifuge requires regular lubrication for optimal performance. For example, let’s say the maintenance team doesn’t have the necessary lubricant because it doesn’t keep track of the spare parts and inventory required for maintenance. As a result, the centrifuge will suffer more wear and tear than normal until the lubricant is provided – leading to inconsistent performance and even malfunctions. 


A maintenance management system like CloudApper CMMS helps with spare parts and inventory management. Since all the information is stored in a central location, maintenance technicians know whether the parts they need for their tasks are available. It also helps identify items that need to be reordered – helping to keep an adequate number of spare parts available for maintenance tasks at all times. All in all, managing spare parts and inventory helps reduce equipment downtime, improve asset reliability, and boost production. 

CloudApper CMMS improves asset reliability

While there are many CMMS solutions available, CloudApper CMMS stands out from the crowd for several reasons.

For starters, CloudApper CMMS is an entirely customizable CMMS software solution – organizations can modify it to fit their needs rather than adjusting their processes to fit the app. This is possible thanks to CloudApper, the no-code enterprise mobile app development platform used to build it. As a result, managers can add helpful features and remove ones they don’t require without a single line of code – making the app truly their own. 

Secondly, CloudApper CMMS is affordable – at only $10/user/month, users get access to all the features, can modify the app themselves, and more, at no additional cost. This means users get asset management, inventory and spare parts management, vendor management, multiple locations, layout maps, analytics dashboard, work request and order management, and much more, all at $10/user/month.

Finally, CloudApper CMMS provides access to a marketplace filled with mobile enterprise apps for fleet management, customer management, asset management, OSHA recordkeeping, field sales monitoring, and others. The best part is that all of this is available at no extra cost – all for $10/user/month! 

Contact us now to see how CloudApper CMMS can streamline maintenance efforts at your facilities.

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