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Top 5 Benefits of Maintenance Management


For most organizations, the various types of machinery used are quite critical components of the core business operations. For example, conveyor belts, mixers, centrifuges, and shredders in manufacturing firms play important roles in creating finished products from raw materials. As a result, organizations must ensure that these machines run smoothly, efficiently, and reliably, which is where maintenance management comes in. Maintenance management, especially proactive maintenance, helps the equipment receive timely servicing, maintenance, and repairs so that the uptime is kept at a maximum. While that’s maintenance management in a nutshell, there are several benefits of maintenance management, especially if organizations use a preventive maintenance plan along with a robust maintenance management system. Let’s dive deeper into the most common benefits.

Top five benefits of maintenance management

Reduces equipment failure and unplanned downtime

This is one of the top reasons why organizations focus on maintenance management. Let’s consider a lathe machine. If it operates without any preventative maintenance, it will malfunction or break down at some point.  Cleaning is a core component of effective maintenance management, and since the lathe machine isn’t receiving maintenance, dirt, debris and other materials will pile up around it. These problems will cause malfunctions or breakdowns, making the machine inoperable and increasing unplanned production downtime. 


With effective maintenance management, the equipment will receive proper care and inspections, which identify issues beforehand. It will also be cleaned, lubricated, maintained with necessary parts and anything else that’s required to keep the machine running reliably. All of these activities ultimately help the equipment run efficiently and smoothly, minimizing failure rates and unexpected equipment breakdowns

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Extends equipment’s longevity

This is one of the better-known benefits of maintenance – a machine that’s receiving regular maintenance will perform better and last longer than one that only receives maintenance after malfunctioning. That’s because the equipment that isn’t receiving any maintenance will be degrading at a faster rate – its issues pile up and are only fixed when they get serious, which leads to permanent damage. Equipment that receives preventive maintenance, on the other hand, goes through inspections, receives maintenance and necessary replacement parts that take care of any issues. In a nutshell, a piece of equipment that receives regular proper maintenance will last longer.

Helps with workplace safety

Malfunctioning equipment isn’t only problematic for the production process, but it can also cause workplace safety incidents. It’s quite simple – overworked machinery that doesn’t receive proper maintenance can cause it to overheat or explode, which in turn will lead to nearby workers being injured. Companies must comply with several safety rules and regulations; however, these incidents will lead to violations of these regulations.

On the other hand, organizations that focus on maintenance management automatically reduce the chances of workplace safety incidents arising from malfunctioning machinery, helping them with safety compliance in the process.

Helps keep costs under control

Without proper maintenance, malfunctioning machinery would be more common, leading to far more repairs. Emergency repairs are typically more expensive, and if spare parts are required, then these just add to the costs. Emergency repairs that require spare part replacement need deliveries as soon as possible, which costs more than standard delivery. Reactive maintenance generates more emergency repairs, premature deaths, and replacements, all of which can be expensive for any organization.

Keeping costs under control is one of the more desirable benefits of maintenance management. With preventive maintenance, maintenance managers work with the budget in advance, allocate effectively, and ensure equipment receives proper maintenance. Proactive maintenance activities lead to fewer breakdowns, reduced emergency maintenance tasks, and fewer equipment replacements which cut several costs in the process. 

Improves equipment efficiency

It’s quite straightforward – equipment that receives regular maintenance will operate better than those that receive maintenance after malfunctions. Reactive maintenance might cause permanent damage to the equipment, hampering its performance down the line and causing it to be inefficient. 


Preventive maintenance provides the equipment with regular maintenance, lubrication, cleaning, and inspections that help it run more efficiently and identify any problems that might not be visible on the surface. 

CloudApper CMMS helps with the benefits of maintenance management

While there are many benefits of maintenance management, organizations need a robust CMMS solution to help them with that. CloudApper CMMS ticks all the right boxes and more.

CloudApper CMMS is a robust yet easy-to-use CMMS software solution that helps organizations schedule work orders, reduce emergency repairs and ensure preventive maintenance using smartphones. While it comes with all the standard features like maintenance scheduling, spare parts management, asset management, technician management,] and more, what sets it apart from the competition is that users can customize it to make the app truly theirs. It’s built with CloudApper, a no-code enterprise apps development platform. 

CloudApper CMMS is available for only $10/user/month, making it a highly affordable CMMS solution for organizations focusing on maintenance management. 

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