What Are the Different Types of CMMS Software?

What are the different types of CMMS Software

Today’s firms are always on the lookout for better maintenance management systems. This article provides you with a high-level understanding of CMMS software types so you can make an informed choice. Let’s look at the basics of CMMS software and how it can be used in the workplace.

What is a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

Work orders, assets, equipment, preventative maintenance, inventories, workflows, safety compliance, teams, costs, and more may all be managed efficiently with the help of CMMS software, which is designed to aid facilities and maintenance managers. The ultimate goal is to reduce waste, boost productivity, save expenses, and speed up maintenance procedures. 

Maintenance and facilities teams may benefit greatly from the organization tools provided by computerized CMMS software. Regardless of the sector, CMMS software is ubiquitous. This program is useful for any company that wants to keep its equipment and assets in good working condition via routine maintenance, keep tabs on its stock levels and work orders, and provide reliable reports in order to meet regulatory requirements.

Businesses may improve their maintenance operations with the use of a CMMS, which provides them with a wealth of data on maintenance and facilities management, including historical data, trends, and costs. 

CMMS Software Types

1. Cloud-Based CMMS Software

Consider your hosting options before settling on a CMMS. If you have the appropriate IT staff to assure data security and the effective working of the servers, then a CMMS installed on your servers is an option.

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Spending that much money is too much, right? In a word, yes. Switch to a CMMS hosted on the Cloud. There’s no need for you to install anything; the data is saved by the app’s editor. Your CMMS is accessible whenever, anywhere. This is the basic idea behind drives, the digital areas that provide the exchange of data such as files, images, and calendar entries. These are smart meter readings and workflows, after all, and CMMS does a lot more besides processing data and facilitating interactions. If you want CMMS for manufacturing & energy plants if you can try cloud-based CMMS software

2. Open-Source CMMS Software

Open source is another type of CMMS software. A computer program whose source code may be freely accessed by anybody is known as an open-source computerized maintenance management system. This means the most dedicated nerds may upload their bits of code to a universally modifiable program. 

One must distinguish open-source from free software, which promotes free software, for the sake of accuracy. Fortunately, no open-source CMMS exists. However, this is not really an issue. The main advantage of open-source software is the ability to bend the software to your needs. CMMS Software like CloudApper CMMS lets you do just that. 

3. On-Premise CMMS Software

Usually, on-premise CMMS software is hosted on the private cloud. The software is accessed using only the organization’s network. From the purchase of the equipment through the execution and beyond, you are fully responsible. 

You must supply the IT infrastructure on which the CMMS software will function, set up the network to allow user access, and install any updates or security patches. You will be responsible for your own backups, security, setup, licensing (if required), integration, and support charges as well (which are usually very expensive). Installing upgrades may be a difficult task. 

CloudApper CMMS Software

Now we understand the major types of CMMS software but the real question is which one is better for your business? Well, that will depend on your business needs and requirements. But if you are looking for CMMS Software with the ability to be personalized and that also can be hosted on-premise as well as be accessible from the Cloud, try CloudApper CMMS. Currently, it’s one of the most versatile CMMS Software in the market right now. Get in touch with CloudApper for a FREE DEMO. 

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