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It is obvious the fast-paced evolution has had a major impact on the manufacturing industry. Some of the best examples of these are advancements including 3D-printed spare parts, AI-powered hardware for improved maintenance management operations, and social networks to exchange the best practices. Big data can now predict every move and the arrival of digital technologies, and Collaborative Robots and additive manufacturing (AM) have opened up new possibilities for the way assets and production should be managed. Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT) are here already and are fundamentally changing the way companies operate and are economically structured. These are just some of the new technologies that are enabling companies to adopt improved maintenance strategies and help technicians complete daily tasks with higher complexities.

Another big innovation in mobile applications. These have greatly impacted the maintenance industry, especially with the arrival of thousands of industrial mobile applications, such as ERPs, Facility Management Applications, Fleet Management Apps, and Computerized Maintenance Management Systems. Having a mobile app to manage business operations offers various benefits such as greater production, remote working capability, accuracy, efficiency, and speed. All these benefits contribute to improved communication, collaboration, and, of course, faster responsiveness to deadlines. All these capabilities are critical when it comes to the success of a company.

Despite all these obvious reasons, some companies are still skeptical about the adoption of mobile apps for maintenance management. In this article, we will try to focus on the benefits of CMMS mobile apps and how they can make the job of maintenance technicians easier.

spare-parts-managementSpare parts management

One scene we see in maintenance management is a technician looking around, trying to locate a spare part needed for maintenance work. This wastes time and contributes to a flawed maintenance and production process. CMMS mobile apps help maintenance technicians find all information about spare parts from their smartphones, such as their location in the store, stock amount, and installation documentation.

better-manage-preventive-maintenanceBetter Manage Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance is one of the most important steps in maintenance management, yet is difficult to execute. It’s hard to keep track of pre-scheduled maintenance plans on manual, paper-based systems. The advantage of the CMMS mobile maintenance management app is it automatically alerts service technicians to perform timely maintenance work that planned in advance. Each job is associated with checklists that can be completed while working on the machine.

systematic-maintenance-operationsSystematic Maintenance Operations

Having access to all the information in real-time and from anywhere you want improves the responsiveness of personnel associated with the situation in progress. This also results in a faster collaboration between different departments included in the process of resolving the situation.

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The ability to store multimedia documents, such as photos, videos, or sounds also supports ongoing maintenance operations. When similar breakdowns occur, maintenance staff can look at the historical maintenance log for reference, thus reducing downtime.

improved-team-moraleImproved Team Morale

Implementing a traditional, on-site computerized maintenance management system can be a long and laborious process, requires huge financial and HR investments, may result in loss of time, and requires extensive user training. Oftentimes, these are the main reasons behind the failure of such a project. However, using mobile asset management software like CloudApper CMMS is easier as it is an affordable, highly customizable SaaS application that can both comply with your unique organizational process and is easy to use.

work-from-anywhereWork from anywhere

Since the system is in the cloud, Internet access is the only type of system requirement needed to access your mobile CMMS. Maintenance professionals can access the system anytime, anywhere. Mobile CMMS users enjoy the freedom of being able to work the mobile device most convenient for them. The solution provider hosts the software, offers the application for different operating systems, provides support and scalability, manages databases, and monitors system performance on an ongoing basis. This ensures increased efficiency and productivity of their work and managers can view real-time updates to work orders from any location.

The ability to take photos, scan QR codes, and create logs with the smartphone bring huge advantages for maintenance technicians. In general, the organization of information is far easier on a mobile CMMS than on manual paper-based systems or Excel sheets. The deployment of a CMMS mobile app gives you the opportunity to switch to a highly dynamic maintenance process, offering you a tool that responds to your needs and is easy to use. The solution is available both on Android and iOS devices. Many leading organizations from different industries have already understood it. Now it’s your turn to give it a try!

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