Easily Build Drag & Drop Mobile Based NFC Apps

NFC is more secure than a Bar Code and more affordable than RFID. That’s why numerous business giants are implementing so many NFC based mobile applications. Now it’s your time to create a highly customizable, cost effective and user friendly NFC based app for your business with CloudApper!

Easily Build Drag & Drop Mobile Based NFC Apps

NFC is more secure than a barcode and more affordable than RFID. That’s why numerous business giants are implementing so many NFC-based mobile applications. Now it’s your time to create a highly customizable, cost-effective and user-friendly NFC-based app for your business with CloudApper!

What is NFC?

NFC stands for “Near Field Communication,” and, as the name implies, it enables short-range communication between compatible devices. This requires at least one transmitting device and another to receive the signal. If you have Android phones, there’s no need to purchase a special reading device because NFC scanners come standard. Simply tap your Android device to an embedded NFC tag or another Android phone, and you’ll pull data from the ID card, checkpoint or a label.

How Can CloudApper NFC Apps Help You Achieve Your Goals?

CloudApper® is a fully customizable no-code enterprise mobile app development platform that meets your business needs! Instantly create a mobile NFC app without any coding skills required. Simply select the app template, drag-and-drop the required modules, test and publish. Modifications are immediately available on the web and mobile versions of the app!

Improve operational efficiency by automating tasks


Maintain a safe transmission of your information


Streamline property management & asset tracking

CloudApper Is Available

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How can

NFC be used?


Asset Tracking

Each asset can be identified using a unique NFC tag which enables quick identification and maintenance.

Security Patrols

NFC Tags can be used to ensure and track security visits at specific locations by patrol guards.

Equipment Maintenance

Technicians and maintenance managers can easily locate all parts and equipment by using NFC tags.

Employee Attendance

NFC tags enable your employees to easily clock in and out from the workplace using their smartphones.

Healthcare Rounds

NFC guarantees a seamless approach to track in-hospital rounds and accurate patient data monitoring.

Access Control

NFC is used in various applications and systems to control who can access or update them.

Identity Verification

The NFC tags can be used as a touchless solution for identifying any employee, partner or supplier.

Compliance Management

Use NFC tags to conveniently access asset logs to ensure compliance with industry standards.

Time Tracking

Employees can submit their log in and out times using their smartphone or NFC tag-equipped ID cards.

Inventory Management

NFC tags can be used to conduct inventory transactions, evaluate inventory stock and locations.

Location Based Services

NFC technologies can be placed at different locations to collect and verify location data.

Supply Chain

NFC can be used to keep track of product movement and distribution in a supply chain system.

Got an NFC Mobile app idea?

What Are the Advantages of NFC Technology?


NFC scanning is much easier to use because of its tap-and-scan technology. While barcode scanning requires you to hold your device or the barcode just right to capture the code, NFC requires only a light tap of the tag-embedded item to your device.


NFC allows contactless peer-to-peer data transfer. There is less risk of error since it contacts only one device at a time. NFC enables data and payment transfers that are way safer than traditional swipe or touch methods.


The setup and customization of the NFC apps do not require any major IT infrastructure or trained developers with CloudApper. NFC tags are also highly affordable compared to other similar technologies.

Stay Ahead of Your Competitor

The market of mobile-based NFC applications is expected to rise from
18.0 billion USD in 2020-21 to 34.9 billion USD by 2025-26. So, don’t miss the opportunity.
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