What is mobile CRM?


Mobile CRM provides a complete CRM experience on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices that are connected to the Internet. It provides Sales, Marketing, and Customer Services teams with real-time access to and management of key information.

Why is mobile CRM important?

Due to the mass migration from the desktop to mobile devices, people now expect information from anywhere in real-time. In effect, the share of global mobile internet traffic increased from 0.7% in 2009 to 52.99% in 2017 and the number is still growing. This growth must be matched by a CRM.

CloudApper provides mobile CRM that enables users in any location to access important business data. They can run their business on a journey.

The importance of mobile CRM for employees

The employees of the office are not ‘tight’ to their desks any longer; they work on the go. Members of the sales team will travel to meet prospects between offices and places. Even when they are not in the office, field agents need access to planning and work orders.

Even jobs that required a worker to be in the office only five years ago will become more productive if they have the option of remotely having access to their jobs. Research has shown that employees using mobile devices for work-related purposes earn an extra 240 hours annually of work. This is because mobile, intelligent devices allow users to work wherever they like.

Although the departments in your whole organization are not in the same building or even the same country, they will have access to the same database regardless of platform compliance issues and will encourage a more collaborative working environment.

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The importance of mobile CRM for customers

In addition to the obvious benefits of making it easier for employees to work, customers also benefit from the availability of mobile CRM for your company. CloudAppermobile CRM App can help ensure that the best service is always available to your customers. Employees are equipped to provide customers with the information they need on a fast basis with access to real-time updates and essential information.

Even those who don’t directly work with the customers can use mobile CRM to manage timetables, analyze data, generate reports and organize important files in a safe place.

Benefits of mobile CRM

The classic functionalities on a laptop or desktop computer, however, can be delivered by mobile CRM devices like tablets and smartphones but with the added benefit of on-the-go access by using cloud computing. Users should actually be able to operate on their telephone.

When remote workers leave their workstation, Mobile CRM has many advantages:

  1. By using calendar plan calls, event and follow-up event
  2. Keep emails and other information records for call logs
  3. update leads and access, opportunities, and contacts
  4. Share and open files
  5. On-going access dashboards
  6. Manage, responds, and track customer service cases
  7. All times access to up-to-date data

Access to CloudApper CRM means that every seller benefits from complete CRM data, analysis, and customization on any device so nobody is left out, and the sales team members can make progress confidently in the future.

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