10 Facility Management tips to minimize stress levels


The tragedy of an unduly taxing workplace is much like any other industry for maintenance management. Considering that stressful and high-pressure working environments have been related to cardiac conditions, high blood pressure, depression, and memory loss, it is increasingly obvious that a more serious approach to alleviating this burden is necessary.

We produced a list of some possible causes of stress and 10 practical recommendations to assist you to overcome these issues in order to improve your working environment and support you in preserving your physical and mental well-being.

We have  to discover what’s causing stress in your workplace, firstly:

Too much workload perhaps the most important difficulty is a growing amount of workload. This is typically due to the incorrect allocation of duties throughout the team, which leads to team members taking over the duty more than necessary or to obsolete and sub-optimal programs that make complicated tasks very simple.

Poor communication: Where there is no clear and constant communication between management, engineers, and customers, the critical duties will be overlooked or inadequately performed, and stressful events will definitely occur.

Lack of rest: Managers are increasingly obliged to respond to calls and tend to schedules outside their typical hours of work or on the weekends. It indicates that they never have time off and are always working.

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Lots of other stuff: Unfair “upstairs” pressure to get outcomes, try to juggle too many responsibilities at once, job adverseness, uninteresting workplace… Unfortunately, the list of causes is long enough to complete an ebook and then a few! So, how do you get your workplace out of stress? Here’s 10 facility management tips from CloudApper Facilities are here:

1. Rest properly

When you combine regular breaks from the daily workload with the right amount of sleep (not too much, this can be counter-productive) your physical and mental health will be a marvel. A well-rested team is a more happy and productive team.

2. Improve communication

Poor communication is one of the proven ways to bring stress and negative effects into your workplace. Simple communication is really related to better, clearer, and optimal routes of communication. The use of a mobile app with a facility management solution (FM) will certainly increase communication quality and efficiency between managers and technicians.

3. Exercise and eat well

It is crucial to maintain appropriate physical activity and a nutritious diet (e.g., a particular difficulty for those eating at the office), not only for job stress, but also for all kinds of stress, and so that your body is healthy and glad to reduce stress from the workplace.

4. Avoid negativity and the “Chain of Screaming”

Is your place of work one of those locations where the CEO yells to the manager, the manager yells to the employee, the technical assistants shout, and technicians yell at each other… Or the dog (who would yell if it might) too?

This ‘chain of screaming’ or any situation that might be similar to it (that is actually a theory suggested in this popular U.S. sitcom How I Met Your Mother) is exceedingly dangerous in the mind of workers and must at all costs be avoided.

5. Automate maintenance schedules

For once, we really don’t try to sell… but also… With a Facility Management system to automate maintenance plans and reports, managers’ workload will greatly be reduced and they will have a much longer time to rest and have some quiet time.

Assurances that essential interventions were planned with the use of a preventive maintenance schedule will lower the number of failures and have an enormous weight off its shoulders. Don’t underestimate it! Don’t underestimate it!

6. Make your workspace pleasant

Believe it or not, much tension arises out of the excessively clinical, dull, and lifeless offices that are far more typical. It is crucial that people are comfortable at work so attempt to make them feel comfortable while guaranteeing a good air quality. Many of your employees spend the day indoors and it is important to breathe fresh air!

7. Make room for flexibility

100% working time set is a very outdated and inefficient manner of running an enterprise. Giving your staff flexibility to deal with unforeseen situations reduces their stress levels significantly. A comfortable and understanding working atmosphere nourish a revitalized team that is committed to working, not one who fears 7:30 a.m. get up!

8. Allocate work properly

The proper distribution of work within the team is vital to guarantee that employees do not feel overworked and that they feel inclusive. Again, the most likely option is through a maintenance management system.

A facility management application enables a manager to be aware of the workload allocated to each technician, preventing difficult circumstances in which one person works for two while others are bored and unmotivated while they spend the day clock observing.

9. Recognize and reward good work

Rather than criticize errors and flip when individuals do well. A system of rewards like publicly recognizing the exceptional performance of an employee at team meetings is a wonderful approach to encourage your personnel to work hard… as long as you avoid rousing up the competitive dragon that lies in all.

10. Have fun!

The socially interacting teammates will inevitably work along better, enhancing the entire team’s productivity. Why not strive to develop traditions at the workplace, to take initiatives after work, to celebrate key occasions, etc. A fun and enjoyable workplace are surely one of the greatest techniques for reducing stress levels.

Want to make your facility management experience stress-free and make data-backed decisions? Try CloudApper Facilities.

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