Better Manage and Maintain Facilities On-The-Go with Mobile App


Apps are a key element of everyday business in the corporate sector. Since everyone has a Smartphone and a laptop or tablet, apps are the quickest method to get everyone on the same platform. There are apps, such as facility management, for almost everything.

Maintain Facilities On-The-Go

The larger your organization is, the more important a facility management application is. Every worker can make use of such an app. An FM app offers a wealth of critical information and resources wherever it is needed. See six reasons why an installation of a facility management application is so vital in a business.

  1. On-the-go access to employee information

The employee module is a key component of the mobile facility management app. A correctly maintained directory provides anybody who works in the firm immediate access. The capacity of a smartphone is even stronger.

  • Look up employee phone numbers and extensions
  • Integration with layout map for directions to their desks
  • Scheduling feature for setting up calendar invites based on availability
  • Assign and check training sessions each employee has completed

When people are outside their desks, communication is effortless by opening the employee module on the go. It is also easy to see where people sit and what they do.

  1. Layout Map for Direction

Layout Map for mobile applications is beneficial for larger companies spread across many sites or campuses. The best cloud-based facility management applications contain design maps that fulfill the staff and guest directional demands.

  • Provides direction to a particular destination
  • maps and markups for contextualization of location
  • Asset pins can be easily found by users if needed
  • Information about facilities for people to find exits, toilets and other things

For people needing immediate information on the location, destination, or where to travel within facilities, the layout map feature is important.

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  1. Push alerts and updates

Even a free facilities management app provides push alerts and updates, which make connecting employees to their workplace easy. This covers communication from user to user, admin-to-group, and broad-company updates.

  • Emergency alert and notification messages, pushed in real-time
  • Task alerts, helping employees not to miss any and sync with each other
  • Strategic updates, pushed by management to all users
  • Asset/Facility specific messaging about space reservations, events, or meetings

An extension of the physical facilities must be a facility management app. This means that people are connected to their workplaces by means of clear and concise alerts concerning factors that affect their job capability.

  1. Work order requests on-demand

The capacity to make requests for repair orders and resolve problems is supported by the maintenance of the facility. This often happens while the staff is gone from their desks. An app makes submitting an order straightforward and guarantees that problems are not ignored or unattended.

  • Simple forms and one-click submission to send work order requests
  • Ability to include location or map attachments to  work order requests, for clarity
  • Camera access, to include documentation of problems, for clarity
  • Automatic identifier information, for easy follow-up with employees

Facilities app mainly crowdsource maintenance. Taken a picture and send a quick message will speed up the process of order management and will allow maintenance teams or facilities managers to respond faster and informed.

  1. Facility information, on-demand

Whether they are long-lasting employees or guests for the first time will not matter, individuals have inquiries regarding their facilities. Where’s the bathroom closest? On which level is the department of accounting? Who is the Personnel Director? Such an app that can answer anybody’s questions is helpful at any moment.

  • Access to location information on amenities spanning facilities
  • Access to information of public-facing personnel
  • Emergency action plan and evacuation routes information
  • Education/training module providing information or support to facilities related information

Essentially, a facility management app should bridge the many gaps between the workers and the workplace if they do not use it directly. The app always provides layout maps, a work-order system, access to the directory of employees, reservations, and other functions. Employees may make the most of their workplace because using the app enables them to.

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