Creating and Maintaining a Safe Workplace with CloudApper Facilities


Organizations should place a high emphasis on creating and maintaining a safe workplace environment. Employers are required by law to create and maintain a safe workplace and to follow OSHA standards, according to the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OSHA). However, putting up a few safety posters and holding annual safety training sessions is insufficient.

Organizations must actively cultivate and promote a strong safety culture all year long so that it becomes ingrained in the company’s DNA. This entails not only making safety a top priority for the company but also taking tangible steps to ensure that employees work in a safe environment and that the company is continually seeking to improve workplace safety.

A continuous commitment to communication is required to improve an organization’s safety culture. CloudApper Safety App, a powerful OSHA recordkeeping software that helps companies construct a safer workplace without the administrative burden, is one popular means of promoting┬ásafety awareness.

The six most important approaches to create a safe workplace and promote a good safety culture are discussed here.

Eliminate potential hazards

Keep a decent workplace free of known physical and chemical risks while adhering to OSHA standards, rules, and regulations. Employ the CloudApper Safety software to teach employees proper body mechanics, forklift safety, safe backing, what PPE is required, and how to avoid slides, trips, and falls. Encourage employees to spot and report potential problems and safety violations, and to take immediate action to resolve them.

Train all employees

The company must provide safety training for all employees using their understandable language. All new workers should receive this training, with refresher courses available (or needed) for existing workers or when they change roles (within the company). Use the CloudApper Safety applications training module to assign relevant safety training to everyone, and deliver it in a variety of formats, including audio, video, and word or PDF documents.

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Ensure workers have the proper equipment

Ensure that employees have access to and use safe tools and equipment, as well as that this equipment is properly maintained. CloudApper Safety is a useful tool for reinforcing harm avoidance. Raise awareness about proper hazardous material handling, lock-out/tag-out procedures, and machine guarding.

Provide visual safety aids and alerts

To alert employees to potential hazards, use color codes, posters, labels, and/or signage. Install OSHA posters in all work and recreation areas, and use the CloudApper Safety app to send out alerts about vital safety information, updates, and messages. Employers, for example, can distribute safety instruction videos via email. This type of visual aid shows real-time statistics while also reminding employees to be careful.

In an emergency, the CloudApper Safety app may be quite useful because it can be used to rapidly alert or notify workers of a situation by sending push notifications to their mobile phones. You may also use the CloudApper Safety app to distribute daily or weekly workplace “Safety Tips,” honor employees who have shown outstanding safety awareness, and keep employees informed about new laws and regulations.

Create a safety committee

Create a workplace health and safety committee comprised of personnel from several divisions, ranging from high management to shop-floor workers. Employees and senior management should be kept informed on safety subjects, inspections, injury and illness statistics, and other safety-related matters by the committee, which should meet at least once a month. Use your CloudApper Safety App to provide important safety information to your entire team.

Similarly, once a month or quarterly, host departmental or company-wide safety meetings to solicit employee feedback. Regular employee feedback is beneficial because it alerts managers to potential risks that may otherwise go overlooked, informs managers about how employees are doing/feeling, and makes employees feel valued, all of which boost mental health and productivity.

Make safety fun

While safety is not a game, making safety learning interesting is one method to help incorporate safety into organizational culture. Create safety-themed trivia, quizzes, and films using the material in your CloudApper Safety knowledge base. Friendly competition with incentives and the possibility of receiving company-wide recognition are powerful motivators. Employees are more likely to stay involved, remember information, and so assist minimize accidents if there is a little fun thrown in.

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