Effectively manage facilities with No Code software solutions


Integrated Management of Facilities and Policies

The CloudApper Facilities software platform brings facilities management into the modern digital age. CloudApper is a No Code digital solution designed to serve as the basis for the efficient monitoring and gathering of facilities data, as well as analyzing and reporting on that data in a format easy to read and utilize across the platform’s range of easy-to-use facility management tools.

The platform utilizes cutting edge data mining and AI analysis of gathered facilities data on the back end, while providing user-friendly yet comprehensive interface tools so that facility managers can have all the company-wide facilities information they need at the touch of a virtual button.

But CloudApper is not just one application. The platform incorporates a range of software tools designed to provide managers the most up-to-date facilities information possible in an easy to utilize form so that sound decisions can be made regarding the management of facilities. In today’s fast-paced business world, access to instant and reliable information can help keep facilities operating at their peak performance, along with an effective and economical use of facility personnel.

All this is possible without the need to employ a computer programmer on staff. The CloudApper Facility platform was developed with the notion that businesses should be able to design digital solutions to their facility management challenges without ever having to write a single line of computer source code.

Digital facility management software allows managers to monitor the status of every aspect of maintaining facilities so that potential problems can be identified early, and profit-losing policies and activities can be mitigated, if not eliminated altogether. CloudApper software can monitor every aspect of facility management.

Facility Hygiene

The CloudApper Facility software can be programmed to monitor and enforce hygiene-related rules and policies, whether from inside the company or imposed by government or industry regulations. Data pertaining the administration and results of hygiene and contamination testing is instantly available from any location plugged into a company’s CloudApper system, making any anomalies easy to deal with before potential dangerous situations get out of hand.

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Handling Work Orders

Managers can administer work orders for any facility within the system, generating tasks, monitoring their completion, and scheduling duties that must be performed on a regular basis, such as monthly safety checks or chemical hygiene tests. The CloudApper platform can also can also track time sensitive data, notifying personnel when regulatory deadlines are coming up and when training updates are soon to be required. It can even monitor when waste containers are about to be full.

Site-Specific Configuration

Not only does CloudApper support the administration of company-wide policies, site-specific policies can be configured into the system. Different locations within a company often have their own unique facility management challenges, and CloudApper can easily accommodate site-by-site policies.

Rich Data Reporting

CloudApper Facility‘s deep data driven information gathering and processing is the foundation for a rich data reporting system cross-referenced from across every aspect of facility management throughout the company. Procedural and financial data are easily and robustly combined, analyzed, and reported through an easy to learn and use software interface.

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