Why Digital Transformation Is Needed For Facility Management?


Why Digital Transformation Is Needed For Facility Management?

The way many organizations run their business is affected by new technology and disruptions. A 2015 global study by MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte showed that over 90% of respondents anticipate digital trends that are largely or moderately disruptive to their industry.

With these developments that shakeup, the way firms use their real estate, the development of new strategies and capacities is essential for facility management (FM) teams. However, many remain inadequately equipped and unprepared for the changing workplace and the problems that come with it. For example, one complaint from facility managers we regularly hear is that they do not have the experience and skills to use data in making better decisions or align FM priorities with broader business objectives through data analysis.

To change the system to “digital FM” means to automate FM business processes. Read more as we highlight four important areas where you can try digital transformation of the facility management process to meet new office needs.

  1. End-to-end digital services

Most FM functions can be performed with technology more efficiently. From layout maps to asset tracking to workflow automation through a cloud platform that informs suppliers to repair work, the technology accelerates the processes and allows transparency since everyone responsible can see whatever phase a request is at.

The use of building use and performance data for obtaining information, such as when and How many employees in the workplace, can further optimize operations. This allows you not only to acquire data that has previously been untracked in paper systems but also to generate further data that can be evaluated to suit the priorities of your company. For instance, office space can be lowered to reduce costs while fresh income can be generated through unnecessary space for short-term rentals.

  1. Workplace productivity and retention

Having the appropriate talent is one of a company’s greatest assets they can possess, with about 4 million baby boomers in the USA alone hitting retirement age each year.  For this new generation, an appealing workplace with flexibility and perks is important, and digital transformation of the facility management process is the business task to achieve this strategic benefit.

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  1. Compliance

One essential part of FM is compliance that entails assuring compliance with government regulations and safety standards with everything in and around the building and offices. What used to be a long-drawn, costly and labor-intensive, and paper-based procedure might be improved with technology more precise, simpler, and efficient.

A facility manager must personally close a work order before digitalization once an inspection has been carried out. Now, a few taps and clicks on a mobile device or a computer can confirm exact verification. In addition to complying with government rules, compliance internally extends such as maintaining company budgets.

Digital transformation of the facility management processes enables facility managers to monitor vendor relationships across numerous properties at the same time to stay on budget while real-time collections allow FM teams to track expenditure against budgets or predicted expenses.

Crossing the digital hurdle

It is obvious that FM’s digitalization offers numerous benefits. We know, however, that many of us confront practical and technical barriers in adopting it. Business leaders may also be reluctant to invest and get in without a clear overview. In addition, digital FM is no one-size-fits-all solution, because the needs, resources, and approaches of every organization are distinct.

How can you start your digital trip? An excellent starting step would be to examine your digitization process, the cost, and advantages of investing, and how this might contribute to your company’s objectives and ambitions. You can also partner with a solution provider that has the tools, technologies, and experience to be utilized. It will also have enormous advantages having a worker who is technologically skilled and strategically equipped to lead the way.

These measures need a spectacular change in how the FM is traditionally seen, but in doing so your business will be more flexible and agile, placing it in the rapid speed digital world in its place today.

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