9 Facilities That Hotel Management Must Offer To Its Guests


No matter how much hotels innovate, there are still some basic facilities that a hotel must offer to its guests, and managing these facilities is vital to the bottom line. Proper hotel facilities management can optimize hotel services to provide a unique and luxurious experience for guests. 

Facilities management (FM) is already playing a pivotal role in fuelling the hospitality industry’s objective of delivering the ultimate experience for guests. FM is also proving to be decisive in enhancing business continuity that emerges from asset upkeep. 

From asset maintenance, air conditioning, plumbing, lifts, and lighting to a host of guest services like security, concierge, and room services, creating a fabulous hotel experience is the ultimate benchmark for facilities management implementation quality. 


In a way, facilities management acts as gatekeeper and guardian of the client’s brand and can either strengthen its brand value or sabotage it. Nevertheless, understanding what hotel facilities services are essential and critical from a FM service perspective is the key to providing the ultimate guest experience.

On that note, here are some hotel facilities that management and hotel employees must pay attention to.

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Cleanliness Cleanliness 

There is no alternative to this. Guests expect their accommodation to be clean and hygienic. Especially now more than ever, since the pandemic started, cleanliness and hygiene are front and center. You don’t have to be a five-star hotel to know that guests always expect the highest cleanliness standards, clean public spaces, bathrooms, bedrooms, and amenities. 

Sufficient-security Sufficient security

For many, hotels are a home away from home. People who travel a lot for various reasons stay at a hotel for a day or two. With that comes a hefty expectation of acceptable safety and security measures. Many hotels now provide personalized safety and security protocols for individuals with different profiles like women, children, and the elderly. The use of technology for security has been increasingly growing, but some guests still emphasize the human touch. 

Internet Internet

Many people, including myself, expect internet access to be free like the air we breathe. All types of guests demand some internet access at hotels, but high-end hotels must offer the highest connectivity and flexibility levels. 

Cozy-beds Cozy beds

At the end of the day, hotels serve a fundamental need. It provides a place to rest heads but decent rest is often dependent on a good quality bed and mattress, that is clean, well designed, and properly maintained. Furthermore, the bed also has to be well-positioned to allow proper air circulation. 

Responsive-phone-answering-service Responsive phone answering service

All hotels typically have a policy of answering the phone in three rings. Unfortunately, that rarely happens. Sometimes the call is directed to an agent who has little to no information at all, and you wind up being transferred to someone else. This can sometimes irritate a guest and should be strictly maintained by assigning a qualified agent who can effectively and efficiently answer the guest’s questions and concerns. 

Lighting Lighting

Hotels are all about ambiance. Guests need to feel comfortable and safe in the environment they are in. Improved lighting provides guests with a sense of security and serves to enhance the guest experience. Lighting is also an integral part of facilities management that requires proper maintenance and upkeep to ensure they are always working correctly. 

Aroma Aroma

The smell of the environment upon entering a hotel and the hotel room has a significant impact on the traveler’s first impression. Therefore, hotel employees must keep their facilities fresh with good air circulation. Aromas can also influence a guest’s perception of cleanliness and hygiene.

Simple-but-delicious-food Simple but delicious food

Good foods can tremendously reinforce the guest experience. Many nice-looking hotels do not get as much publicity as they would expect because they serve mediocre food. The availability of food and beverages may vary depending on the hotel service levels, but adding things like hot and fresh breakfast can add to the hotel experience. This is one of the facilities where some hotels fail to live up to expectations. Convenient and affordable breakfast has gradually become a must-have for guests.

Check-in-and-check-out Check-in and check-out

You don’t want guests to be frustrated as soon as they enter the hotel. Nowadays, the check-in and check-out experience has gone up a notch to another level – from pod check-ins to personalized iPad check-in. While these features are exciting, hotel management needs to stay focused on creating the best experience by consistently ensuring the process provides a clear direction and is convenient for the guest. 

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Most of the aforementioned services can be enhanced with well-planned facilities management. Lighting, plumbing, HVAC, security, and many other critical systems require quality maintenance management for the business’s upkeep and continuity. Facilities management in the hospitality industry can be best managed with our robust facility management software, CloudApper Facilities.

To optimize your hotel facilities, you may want to check out our hospitality industry facility management system. To learn more about CloudApper Facilities for the hospitality industry, leave a comment below. 


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