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Facility Management Guidelines During Autumn


Autumn season slowly arrives, as temperatures begin to fall and summer season closes. This is an important time for appropriate facility management responsibilities and CloudApper Facilities can assist you to operate your services efficiently.

Our professional team are available to provide a range of facility management solutions.

Below are a few guidelines that you may find useful.

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Managing Fallen Leaves

Autumn brings a range of different toned leaves which look beautiful; however, fallen leaves can cause hazards such as trips, plus blocked drains and gutters. So, your primary duty is to ensure the areas before and the roof of your building are clear of leaves. Drains and gutters must be checked so they are clean, otherwise water damage and may occur.

External Lighting

As daylight hours are reduced and night approaches much sooner, suitable external lighting is essential for your facility. The main aim is to prevent potential accidents, thereby safeguarding visitors and employee’s health and safety.

Electricity supplies and lamps must be assessed for any damages or faults. If damages or faults are detected, they must be changed or fixed. The use of lighting on a timer or sensitive to changes in light which are automatically activated ensures your facility is well lit before it becomes dark.

Roofing and Other External Facility Areas

The roof and external areas must be checked for possible issues, such as leaks, broken tiles, damaged windows, loose guttering, damaged doors etc. Any detected issues must be repaired or replaced to prevent further damage during the Winter months.

Ventilation and Heating Systems

Ventilation and heating systems should not be forgotten, as they provide an appropriate environment for your visitors and employee’s. During the Summer, your heating system may have been turned off and it will now be in full use, so it must be serviced before Autumn arrives. Your ventilation system is necessary to supply continuous fresh air and humidity control to your facility. This must also be serviced or checked.

These are a few precautionary maintenance responsibilities which can be booked in your facility management procedures in advance. It is better to be prepared than to wait for a problem to occur.

Please contact us if you would like more information on facility management solutions your facility.

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