Locating & Managing Your Facilities Shut-offs During Emergencies


Knowing the locations of your facilities shut-offs like gas, water main, water isolation valves, and med gas valve shut-offs, as if you didn’t have enough on your plate already, is more difficult than it appears.

Renovations, length of service, and the size of some campuses all contribute to the difficulty of locating these devices, which is compounded by the lack of location documentation.

Shut-offs are frequently the first thing to be addressed in facility emergencies. It’s crucial to know where these gadgets are and how to utilize them. In cases like this, the CloudApper Facilities mobile app may be an excellent tool for quickly locating them using its digital layout map and assisting in damage reduction.


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Let’s look at the many types of facilities shut-offs and how to manage them:

Gas Shut Off

A gas leak or a broken gas line is a serious situation that requires immediate attention. Keep an eye out for leaks, breakdowns, and gas odors, such as those in school cafeterias that haven’t been used in eight months. Some valves only require a single turn. Some tasks necessitate the use of a wrench.

Don’t be that person who says, “I know there’s a shut-off/gas meter coming into this facility, but I’m not sure where it is.” I’ll have to have the grounds people trim back some of the shrubbery/ground covers so we can discover it.”

Main Water Shut Off / Water Meter

When it comes to main water shut-off valve positions, there are no hard and fast rules. A ruptured line or burst pipe can cause havoc in your facility, costing thousands of dollars in water damage, water bills, and compromising the safety of your occupants. It’s a risky venture to rely on soon-to-retire colleagues for shut-off valve positions. Instead of dealing with “Band-Aid” fixes on water lines because nobody looked at all the plumbing designs throughout the years before they completed the last two or three restorations, it’s better to have that information on hand on a mobile app with you at all times.

Water Isolation Valve

Isolating valves regulate water flow from the mains to a water service pipe, making them ideal for isolating, inspecting, and repairing sprinkler systems.

Some kinds can be automated to allow for flow path selection to change the flow path. In rare circumstances, a single isolation valve may be used to regulate a wing of a building or multiple floors.

Using your Cloud app to map valve locations The Facilities app is a fantastic method to reduce guesswork and the need to look for missing plans or diagrams.

Med Gas

Medical gas systems are commonly seen in inpatient care areas near nursing stations and procedure rooms in hospitals. In the event of an emergency, medical gas shut-off valves should be easily accessible. When a building is actively remodeled, however, not all med gas valves may be operational. Do not rely on post-it notes to keep track of the state of the valves because they may slide off.

Using the CloudApper Facilities app, many hospital facilities personnel can now swiftly and easily access med gas shut-off locations from their mobile devices, saving time during emergencies.

Try our 14-day free trial plan, no credit card required, to learn more about how the CloudApper facilities app can be used to find facilities shut-offs.

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