Optimizing Commercial Facilities With A Building Maintenance System


Commercial building owners face a real challenge in maintaining their buildings and properties today. Without a robust converging building maintenance system, it can be difficult to track and manage maintenance activities. A good maintenance management system like CloudApper Facilities enables users to plan, execute, and monitor their buildings’ activities as they relate to maintenance. On top of that, users can optimize spaces, reserve rooms, manage assets, enhance facilities services, and improve other customer-centered services.

In a few of my previous articles, I have provided maintenance guidelines on the buildings’ interiors. However, maintaining the exteriors of commercial buildings is as much as important. In this article, I will be highlighting few points for maintaining the exteriors of any commercial building that can be optimized with a maintenance management system. 

But before that, let’s briefly look at the definition of building maintenance.

What Is Building Maintenance?

Building maintenance pertains to all kinds of maintenance activities performed to keep a building functional and livable. Commercial buildings require maintenance in multiple areas like electrical, plumbing, and HVAC. In many large commercial buildings, you will see maintenance teams made up of individuals with different maintenance specialties. This is where facility management software like CloudApper Facilities can help maintenance teams collaborate and coordinate better. 

Ultimately, regular maintenance helps create a safe and comfortable living or work environment for commercial building tenants. 

Exterior Maintenance Tips For Commercial Buildings


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Preventative maintenance

The first tip is establishing a preventative maintenance plan that works in your commercial building – schedule regular inspections, testing, and servicing to check for possible repairs or replacements. See if any building parts are missing or loose. Improve the drainage system by cleaning gutters. Conduct regular roof inspections. Regular roof inspections can help extend the life of commercial buildings’ roofs. What’s more, it helps to reduce costly water damages and emergency repairs. Roofs also should be immediately inspected after heavy rains, winds, or snowfalls.

Servicing HVAC and plumbing systems regularly

It’s already routine for commercial buildings to perform annual HVAC inspections. That said, a minor plumbing leak can cause significant issues in commercial units. It can result in high water bills, and more importantly, may cause severe damages. 

Public restrooms in commercial buildings particularly frequently encounter faucet and toilet leaks. These leaks can lead to drywall damages, and in extreme cases, may cause the ceiling to collapse. Slow leaks in high humidity areas can even lead to mold growth. Regular inspections with the assistance of a building maintenance system can help maintenance technicians identify potential problems before they become major issues.

Exterior appearances 

A clean and well-maintained exterior is critical to make your commercial property more attractive to visitors or customers. It also helps with retention, and people feel more comfortable and safer. On the other hand, poor lightings, outlooks with dirty and aging windows, torn awnings, faded and peeling paint, and other similar issues can cause more problems. For instance, potential leaseholders may not find the outlook very inviting and may look elsewhere for leaseholds. You may even face liability claims if any injuries occur on your premises due to poorly maintained lighting or parking lots without enough illumination.

Get Started With Your Building Maintenance With CloudApper Facilities

CloudApper Facilities will allow you to document all scheduled works, work in progress, and completed works which will enable you to defend against claims involving commercial building maintenance. In addition to space management optimization, you will be able to manage asset information and costs, schedule preventive maintenance, and more.

Ultimately, you will get a bigger picture of what’s happening throughout your entire commercial property. You may also want to check out CloudApper CMMS if your business is asset-intensive that hosts a lot of expensive machinery and equipment.

To learn more about CloudApper Facilities, visit our page.

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