Steps For Maintaining a Fresh Facilities Management Strategy


In these uncertain economical times, no business can afford to sit back on its haunches relying on what worked yesterday. Industries across the board are looking for new and innovative ways to manage facilities more efficiently and effectively. While change is never easy, there are a few tried and true methods for knowing just when and how to update a facilities management strategy.

Timing is everything.

The first step in updating a facilities management program is to evaluate whether a change in the status quo is even necessary. Certainly, businesses should always be open to opportunities to streamline management within any area of the company. However there are a few times when it may be particularly advantageous to review facilities management policies.

– when staff retention difficulties arise

– when transitioning to a digital platform

– during expansions or company acquisitions

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– whenever there’s a change in corporate structure

– after merging with another company

Once the need for an FM upgrade has been established, there are a number of tried and true considerations for ensuring a successful transition to the new policies.

Look at the big picture.

While the devil may be in the details, it is important to first take a look at how any changes will affect the overall facilities management policy company-wide. An update plan should look at a business’s overall goals, compare the strengths and weaknesses of the policies that are in place with the proposed modifications, and map out a timeline for each stage of the implementation process. The more prepared the staff can be going into the transition, the less likely surprises will jeopardize a successful policy upgrade.

Talk to the people who know.

When considering making changes to an FM program, it is important to take into account the knowledge of the personnel who run the facilities on a daily basis. Managers have first-hand experience handling the unique challenge of each location within a company. Their input should be an integral part of any facilities management upgrade evaluation.

Make use of technology.

Information technology has revolutionized every aspect of running a business, and FM is no exception. Recent years has seen the development of innovative, data-driven software solutions that put affordable turn-key artificial intelligence integrated facilities management platforms in the hands of just about anyone. Now companies of any size can benefit from an efficient, streamlined FM strategy without breaking the bank.

Take baby steps.

Rome was not built in a day. The implementation of a facilities management strategy upgrade will take time, and there will be many challenges along the way. Management and staff should be encouraged to focus on the little wins so that morale and motivation can remain high even during the tough spots.

Embrace the unknown.

The final step in a successful facilities management campaign is to remain flexible. It is important to understand that not all questions will be answered from the beginning, and there will be unforeseen pitfalls. Keeping an open mind is essential for addressing unexpected hiccups in a manner consistent with the the overall goals and vision of the FM strategy upgrade process.

Any plan that takes into account timing, overall goals, staff input, effective technology, incremental successes and a flexible approach forms a solid foundation for confidently embarking upon a successful facilities management policy transition.

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