The Difference Between Hard and Soft Facilities Management (FM) Services


Facilities management encompasses a wide range of services that mainly fall under two categories – hard facilities management and soft facilities management services. This categorization helps facility managers to manage budgets, set priorities, and merge all their responsibilities. 

In today’s article, we’ll take a look at the different types of facilities management services and how tools like CloudApper Facilities can improve maintenance management for any organization. 

What are hard facilities management services?

Hard facilities management services are non-negotiable. These services cannot be removed from the premises and directly related to the building’s physical part. These services are generally required by law and they ensure the safety and welfare of employees or building occupants. If a particular service can be interrupted, it probably does not fall under hard facilities management service. Here are some examples of hard facilities management services:

  • Lighting – A well-lit workplace is essential for so many reasons. It ensures the safety of building occupants. A well-lit workplace also improves the concentration of work. Lighting systems should regularly be checked as part of the planned or preventive maintenance to identify minor faults or issues early and rectified. 
  • HVAC systems – Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning are an integral part of facilities management and crucial for employee safety. Good air rotation is helpful for employee or building occupant’s wellness. HVAC systems should be checked regularly to ensure they function properly and compliant with the law. 
  • Water systems – Water systems should be regularly checked, and waters should be free of dangerous bacterias or germs. Similarly, there are laws and legislations for water systems to building occupants, employees, and customers are safe from harm. 
  • Fire safety – Fire safety is also an integral part of facilities management. Every business must appoint a reasonable person responsible for overseeing everything that has to do with fire safety. Commercial buildings, in particular, must ensure that all fire equipment and systems are in working order and compliant with relevant legislation. 


What are soft facilities management services?

Unlike hard services, soft facilities management services are not compulsory. Instead, software services make the workplace more aesthetically pleasant and secure. By performing Facilities Needs Assessments, organizations can determine which services are necessary and which are not. 

Here are some examples of soft facilities management services:

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  • Cleaning – There is no need to emphasize the importance of cleaning. Hygiene is important for employee wellbeing and comfort. Even personal homes are kept clean. Imagine working in a dirty and unhealthy environment. Not a pleasant thought, right? Facilities should be kept as clean as possible, including windows, floors, restrooms, etc. 
  • Waste management – Wastes should be recycled appropriately and it’s important to consider the environmental impact due to the wastes your business produces. Waste management includes everything from collection to the disposal of waste of your business. 
  • Security – People like working in secured places. Security requirements will vary depending on the size, type, and location of your business. However, security is important. Security includes installing CCTV cameras, having on-site security guards, using automatic door locks, etc.

Simplify Your Maintenance Efforts with CloudApper Facilities

Now that the differences between hard and soft facilities management services are apparent, it is essential to understand how these services can be managed effectively. Many companies hire facility managers to care for the hard facilities management services that require more hands-on experience and technical expertise. That said, soft facilities management services can also greatly impact your business and your building’s overall impression.

The best way to simplify and keep track of your maintenance services is to implement facility management software like CloudApper Facilities into your organization. With CloudApper Facilities, maintenance requests can be scheduled easily and it ensures the timely maintenance of critical facilities. Progressive organizations are already utilizing tools like CloudApper Facilities. 

Learn how CloudApper Facilities can elevate your maintenance management and improve your business operations, ultimately ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for your employees.

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