Ways to Keep Healthcare Facilities Safe from the Risk of Fire


When it comes to ensuring the safety of a facility, healthcare facilities may need to be more vigilant than other companies. It’s never an easy choice to send a loved one to the hospital or to an assisted living facility. Once that choice is made, security and fire safety practices at that particular healthcare facility are not usually the first items on the thoughts of the families. Patients and employees at healthcare facilities need to be protected from fires at all times, which is why effective fire prevention and suppression systems must be installed and maintained by facility owners and operators.

Ways to Keep Healthcare Facilities Safe from the Risk of Fire

Keep Your Fire Suppression Systems Up to Date with Regular Inspections.

Suppression is a critical part of a fire safety system. As soon as a fire starts, the focus switches from containment to evacuation and extinguishment efforts. Having effective fire suppression systems is essential not only for the safety of the facility’s employees and inhabitants, but also for preventing the building from being completely destroyed. Sprinklers, fire extinguishers, and fire hydrants are all types of fire suppression systems. A fire’s first line of defense is sprinkler systems, which cover the most impacted area. Having a fire extinguisher on hand is a terrific way for staff members to put out ablaze. A fire extinguisher is often all that is needed to put out a minor blaze. Another important piece of a fire suppression system is the presence of fire hydrants.

Carry Out Regular Maintenance of Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers and hydrants should be checked regularly to ensure the safety of patients, residents, and staff members. A malfunctioning valve or low pressure in the sprinkler system should be looked for on a regular basis. The pin and seal of fire extinguishers must be tamper-proof as part of regular maintenance. Additionally, the hose and nozzle must be properly maintained to ensure that the gadget functions well when it is needed. A fire hydrant’s water pressure should be checked routinely to make sure it is sufficient for the size of the facility and the needs of the responding firemen. Fire hydrants must also be kept clean of debris. Damage to the fire hydrant and its many systems can be caused by debris, but it can also pose a danger to the firefighters who depend on quick access to the hydrant to save lives as well.

Maintain Compliance With Safety Standards

Health care institutions must comply with strict requirements set out by the federal, state, and local governments in order to keep their certifications and pass inspections. The success of any fire protection system depends on regular maintenance and monitoring of fire suppression equipment. All fire prevention systems should be thoroughly checked by an expert every year to avoid the risk of an unchecked system. To ensure that your system is ready to respond to a fire emergency, keep an eye on the various components of the system for signs of leaks and fractures.

Use Software To Monitor All Equipment Status

High standards are expected of healthcare institutions. Your healthcare facility’s success depends on having a capable software system watch over it. CloudApper Facilities is one such system. Manage, operate, repair, and check fire prevention systems using CloudApper facility management software. Having a single system to handle all of a facility’s fire protection demands gives facility owners and operators peace of mind by allowing your healthcare institution to administer and monitor all components of the system. To meet any unique requirements that your company may have, CloudApper Facilities offers an extremely adaptable platform. The mobile app ensures that your facility’s fire protection systems are constantly ready to handle any emergency maintenance concerns that may arise.

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