Who Can Use Facility Management Software?

A facility management software is the most effective tool for organizing and analyzing asset, workspace, and maintenance data. But is it only the facility managers who use it? No, there are more people who frequently use facility management tools for various purposes. The list includes:

Facility Management Software Users

Executive Team

Facility management software provides business owners, supervisors, and technicians with real-time visibility and the instrument to manage their entire repair and maintenance program from both a web and mobile-based application. CloudApper Facilities will save your time and money by enabling you to properly manage your buildings, assets, and occupants efficiently and effectively.

Corporate Real Estate (CRE) Leaders

Facility management software allows corporate real estate leaders (CRE’s) to access facility information such as the location, virtual map, size, and type of the leased property on demand. It provides necessary data on the property, such as the total capacity of a building or a floor, total capacity vs. total possession, and even the price per square foot, etc. The data is helpful to forecast future space requirements and provides a path to reduce real estate cost significantly when possible.

Operations and Facility Management Team

Facilities Management systems, and their functions, can be leveraged by many departments and sectors, such as operations and commercial real estate. The system is useful for assisting employees in making the best use of their workspace and for tracking assets, two vital aspects of move management.

Workplace Experience Manager

The responsibilities of a workplace experience manager include the overall employee experience and the factors that influence it, including physical workplace, technology, and the policies impacting the company culture. WX manager can receive valuable data about how employees navigate the office, find colleagues, engage with fellow employees, and reserve assets through facility management software. The data that is retrieved can be used to optimize the workplace experience further.

IT Manager

Facility management software is a vital tool for IT managers. They can use data in the analytics dashboard to identify trends, detect patterns, and ensure maximum workplace utilization and performance. For example: which rooms are always occupied and which one is mostly vacant. It can also help to solve IT issues. For example, the IT manager might discover a report from an employee that says one of the conference rooms is unusable for online conference calls because the WIFI signal in that area of the office is weak or the video conference equipment like the microphone or the webcam is unreliable.

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The most effective kind of facility management software are the ones with mobile-based apps, which allow the entire workforce of an organization to take advantage of it. For example, they can submit service requests, report incidents, create work orders for maintenance issues, find a vacant parking spot, book a conference room for a video call, move or reposition workstations from anywhere inside or outside the workplace the mobile app.

How to Choose the Best Facility Management Software?

To find the best facility management software, choose software with all the features necessary to fulfill your business needs, are user-friendly, easily integrate with your existing software, and come with mobile apps for Android and iOS and with cloud-based data storage capability.

Why Should You Choose CloudApper Facilities?

CloudApper Facilities is a cloud-based facility management software with all the functionality to help you organize, structure, and manage your facility operation and the assets within it at maximum efficiency and performance. CloudApper Facilities offers several product modules like equipment management, emergency management, asset management, maintenance management, maintenance management, contract management, and document and map management modules in one place. All these features and functionalities can help you achieve hassle-free operation and productivity for your SME or MNC.

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