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What is

CloudApper SalesQ?

SalesQ helps companies track the activities of field sales reps, such as their daily movements and tasks, visit details, and sales orders. This innovative field sales monitoring app helps to improve employee engagement while increasing accountability.
What is SalesQ
Real-Time Monitoring
Real-Time Monitoring

Geo-fencing enables managers to see a sales rep's check-in data in real-time to prevent reporting discrepancies.

Work on the Go
Work on the Go

SalesQ helps users to access data from the field while facilitating real-time knowledge sharing between reps and managers.

Optimize Sales Activity
Optimize Sales Activity

Improve accountability and productivity by optimizing the sales process and nudging users to complete their assigned tasks on time.

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Instantly customize the SalesQ app without any coding skills required. Simply select the app template, drag-and-drop the required modules, test, and publish. Modifications are immediately available in the web and mobile versions of the app!

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Optimize Field

Sales Team Activity

Sales agents often work in various locations, making it difficult for the team to operate in unison. SalesQ allows managers to monitor sales agent activities, coordinate their tasks, and communicate important information in real-time to optimize results.



SalesQ provides you with a powerful, intuitive, and easy-to-use solution at an affordable price. The app is one of many available through CloudApper to help you reduce operational expenses. Only $10/user/month for unlimited apps!
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Features of

CloudApper SalesQ

Salesforce Management Salesforce Management

Manage your field sales reps from the SalesQ field sales monitoring app by geographic location, tasks, customers, and/or sales trends to achieve the best results.
Salesforce Management
 Customer Management

Customer Management Customer Management

Enable sales reps to quickly access important account information while in the field. Supervisors can also plan the schedule of field sales reps according to their business needs.

Sales Visit History Sales Visit History

SalesQ enables decision-makers to track the sales visit history of their sales reps. This field sales tracking app encourages reps to maximize their daily effort.

Sales Visit History
Task Management

Task Management Task Management

Never let any task be overlooked. SalesQ provides an integrated task management system that notifies users about action items and tracks the progress being made.

Sales Order History

Sales trends can have a big impact on business decisions. Using this module, supervisors can easily analyze trends and distribute tasks accordingly to their sales reps.

Sales Order History
Robust Reporting
Robust Reporting

Build robust reports on sales rep movements, sales orders, sales visit history, market feedback, and many other data elements to ensure maximum sales area coverage.

Product Management

When meeting with a prospect or customer, timely information can make or break a sale. This module provides users with instant access to critical product info and updates.

Product Management
Cloud Architecture
Cloud Architecture

Save money on IT infrastructure costs. SalesQ app is a cloud-based solution that reduces your dependency on IT human resources and hardware investment.

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How does

SalesQ Work?

Go Paperless

Go Paperless

Manual data entry methods can be error-prone and often miss important details that aren’t captured in real-time. SalesQ allows users to track their activities and log information about sales visits right from their smartphone, helping to improve insights, efficiency, and response times. 


Strategic Guidance

Sales managers commonly work from an office while their sales reps are in the field, making it challenging to easily share important information and guidance. SalesQ enables managers to share videos and documents with sales agents in real-time to improve results. This capability enables companies to nurture their sales agents so they can more easily reach their full potential.

Strategic Guidance

Who Can

Use SalesQ?


Keeping track of financial legislations and market dynamics can often be a full time job. SalesQ enables financial service providers to operate efficiently and manage client data easily through SalesQ.

Life Sciences

Pharmaceutical sales often requires sales agents to closely monitor their potential clients. SalesQ ensures that no client is left unattended and tasks are always completed on time.

Retail Industry/
Consumer Products

Retail can be an extremely competitive sector. SalesQ helps companies to conduct competitor analysis based on data collected in the field, enabling sales agents to make smarter decisions.


Communication requires access to information. SalesQ encourages synergy through an easy-to-use mobile platform that can be easily accessed through an agent’s mobile device.


Accountability and high standards are vital to the government sector. With SalesQ compliance management, agents can provide an open channel of communication to gain feedback on their services.


Meet customer demands in the high paced, commission driven world of automotive sales. Manage clients, access product data, share strategy, and build sales reports with help from SalesQ.

Monitoring Pharmaceutical
Sales Representatives

CloudApper SalesQ empowers pharmaceutical companies and their medical representatives working with hospitals, doctors offices and pharmacies to track visit reports, order collection, strategic guidelines, remote access to drugs inventory, price, catalog and important sales metrics to drive their sales efforts.

FMCG Sales
Force Management

FMCG Companies with a field level sales force can use the CloudApper SalesQ app to upgrade their sales team’s performance. It allows you to monitor your sales team accurately without depending on manual records and activity logs by using the app installed on your field sales reps’ handsets. Assign leads, distribute tasks, track store visits, and share strategic directions – it’s like always having an eye on your sales representatives.

IT and
Software Industries

The CloudApper SalesQ app is used by the world’s leading software and IT companies to track and improve the efficiency of their field sales teams. SalesQ enables them to track their sales force more efficiently and with greater certainty, remotely monitor sales results, and access their entire transaction records by installing the software on each sales rep’s computer. Assign leads, delegate projects, log client visits, document client reviews, and exchange strategic directions to eliminate the factor of not keeping an eye on your tech sales reps.

Why Choose

CloudApper SalesQ?

Facility Management Application
  • Accountability

    SalesQ increases accountability as field sales rep movements are recorded according to their real-time location.

  • Sales Performance

    Measure sales performance based on the completion of assigned tasks and tracking visit coverage using our field sales monitoring app.

  • Monitoring Sales Reps

    Geo-fencing logs sales reps' check-ins in real-time, reducing the risk of business loss from missed assignments.

  • Competitor Analysis

    Competitor data logged from market observations allows decision-makers to design new sales strategies.

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Learn how SalesQ helps companies track the activities of field sales reps, such as their daily movements and tasks, visit details, and sales orders.


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