Integrate CloudApper Fleet with Sage 200 ERP for Efficient Fleet Management


If you are using Sage 200 ERP as your business management solution, integrating with CloudApper Fleet can help automate your day-to-day fleet management activities such as vehicle monitoring, maintenance, service, accidents, and operator usage. With CloudApper Fleet integration with Sage 200, anyone can easily access fleet-related information from your ERP using their smartphone and upload real-time vehicle data to improve efficiency and productivity.

CloudApper API is very easy to implement and we can work with your internal IT team, or your desired Sage partner to integrate CloudApper with Sage 200. On the other hand, if you can put us in contact with your Sage development partner, we can work with them to deliver the integration.

What is CloudApper?

CloudApper is a highly no-code business app development platform that makes it simple for businesses to create and deploy task-specific web and mobile apps – with ZERO coding skills required. These apps can help to empower mobile devices, improve productivity, and save money.

Once you complete the CloudApper integration with Sage 200 ERP, you can either use our pre-developed CloudApper Fleet Application or simply create your own application that fits your organization’s unique fleet management requirements. You can also create or choose from unlimited amounts of business applications to increase responsiveness with customers, partners, vendors, and everyone in between operating the way you have

always wanted with full freedom without any need to subscribe to multiple SaaS solutions for each business process.

Why integrate CloudApper Fleet with Sage 200 ERP?

CloudApper Fleet app is a highly customizable solution that allows users to carry out their fleet operation activities with a simple mobile app in real-time from anywhere. Once integrated, this data then gets synced with your Sage 200 ERP solution automatically in the background. Other than giving you a seamless vehicle management experience, this integration also gives you the ability to instantly access vehicle information, post updates, and receive push notifications directly from Sage 200 ERP to increase productivity and efficiency.

CloudApper Fleet
CloudApper Fleet
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Effortless Fleet Management

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Here are some more reasons to choose CloudApper Fleet:


  • Offers valuable insight into your entire fleet movement, activities, and usage patterns with an advanced analytics dashboard by sorting data into visually accessible, relevant information that supports timely and informed decision-making.
  • Assign, manage, and monitor fleet management tasks like product delivery and employee transportation right from your smartphone. This system also reminds you of tasks through its task alerts, ensuring that you don’t miss any scheduled tasks.
  • Perform vehicle inspections from anywhere, at any time you want without the need of digging through multiple modules and tabs of your ERP solution. With the CloudApper Fleet management software, drivers can log vehicle status, traffic updates, route changes, accidents, and natural disaster alerts effectively and efficiently.
  • Your drivers can check in to confirm their movement in real-time using an automated geofencing feature that enables managers to easily view all the geographical checkpoints the vehicles have gone through.
  • CloudApper Fleet app also helps you maintain an updated database of driver profiles that includes demographic information, photos, driving logs, and license information synced with your Sage 200 ERP system to ensure that nothing is lost.

If you’re already using Sage 200, schedule your demo to see how CloudApper Fleet and Sage 200 work together.

How CloudApper Integration with Sage 200 Makes Your Vehicle Operation Efficient

Proactive Delivery Management

Plan delivery routes efficiently and allow drivers to use the CloudApper Fleet app integrated with sage 200 for efficient customer service and share real-time movement of products with you, your partners, and your customers.

Improve Productivity

With CloudApper Fleet, the possibility for point of data entry and access with an efficient user interface is unlimited, and this gives you faster and more efficient order management and processing system.

Customer Interaction Responsiveness

Timely notifications, constant end-to-end communications, and access to information mean fewer calls among the customers as well as happier customers leading to a more loyal customer base.

Increased Team Collaboration

Everyone gets a complete picture of product and vehicle movement and excellent search functionality enabling customer service staff to resolve any queries quickly, management can make better decisions and less call-back or hunt for information.

Works within every ecosystem

CloudApper Fleet is available as a web and mobile app and optimized for pc, smartphone (Android & iOS), or tablet use wherever needed: on the road, at customer premises, in the warehouse, or from the parking lot.

Final Words

Sage ERP solution when integrated with new-age applications like CloudApper Fleet offers new opportunities to extend and augment your vehicle operation. Mobile sources of data and increased volumes from traditional sources have the potential to deliver greater insights to decision-makers at every step of the fleet management process.

To take your vehicle management experience to the next level with the CloudApper fleet management application.

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