What do fleet managers do and how can fleet management software help?

fleet management software

Managers in fleet management play a vital role in operations. They are considered the primary information sources dispersed throughout the process. Fleet management requires constant communication to function properly, which is why managers must be aware of every step of the process, as even the slightest gap can cost the company a lot of money.

That is why CloudApper Fleet, a fleet management software, was introduced to simplify this process. With this app, the long and tedious process can be made easier, allowing managers to find the gaps.

The role of fleet managers

A fleet manager must perform multiple tasks to keep the operation running. Along with communication, the managers also need to do the following.

Track the movement of the vehicles

Since vehicles are moving constantly, it is very easy to lose track of them. This will cause the company to suffer severe losses. Hence, the manager must constantly keep track of all the vehicles and their whereabouts.

Track fuel costs for each trip

In fleet management, fuel is one of the most significant costs. Thus, it is ideal to do activities while spending as little fuel as possible. Managers are often responsible for lowering this cost and finding the best course of action.

Keeping record

The company will produce lots of data on a daily basis. Managers have to store the valuable data as it can be used later to find valuable information about the company.

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Maintaining the vehicle

Vehicles must be constantly maintained. Doing so increases the life span of the vehicle and makes it more durable. So, managers should keep up with the cars’ maintenance and make sure they are safe to drive.

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Overcome challenges with the fleet management software

The job of a fleet manager is not easy. It is very demanding and tiring. Although it might sound straightforward, such a job comes with challenges they have to work with. The CloudApper fleet management software can help cope with those. Some of the issues it will solve include the following.

Automating Workflow

The process of manually keeping track of the process can be omitted with the help of fleet management software. All the records will be stored in the cloud storage system. Additionally, things like assigning tasks, communicating with the whole team, and transferring information can easily be done with such a system.

Improved Fuel Management

The vehicle can be supervised easily with such applications. The data will be much more reliable than that of the manual process since information will be updated in real-time. The credibility of the data helps managers determine the shortest route. Also, managers could avoid or deal with the places where the most fuel is used.

Data Storage

Storing data manually is very time-consuming. On top of that, the possibility of making errors while entering data is very high. With a fleet application, users do not have to make any extra effort to record the data, as the system will keep a record of the performed tasks automatically.

Safety & Maintenance

Managers have to spend much fewer working hours ensuring the safety and maintenance of the vehicle. Any incident notifies the manager with an alert message. The manager can then assign technicians with just a few taps.

The manager is also notified of the maintenance date. The vehicles are well maintained in this way, ensuring their smooth operation.

Make the process simple with CloudApper Fleet 

The CloudApper team developed the Fleet app with even minor details in mind. The app will easily conduct lengthy tasks for you, fasten the business process with automation, and redirect the effort toward workflow improvement. The CloudApper Fleet dashboard also provides valuable insights about the business with just a tap.

A user-friendly interface helps users quickly adapt to the system. Save time and effort by integrating fleet management software with your business and see the difference for yourself.

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