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Integrate Wialon with CloudApper Fleet For Real-Time GPS tracking

Integrate Wialon with CloudApper Fleet For Real Time GPS tracking

The fleet management sector is continuing to go from strength to strength thanks to real-time GPS tracking. The majority of the growth is due, in part, to all the advancements made. One of the leaders at the forefront of this fleet management revolution is Wialon.

Wialon is a fleet tracking platform that implements GPS and IoT technology. Recently, Wialon’s system has begun integrating with CloudApper Fleet, a cloud-based fleet management software system. 

Through the integration of these two platforms, companies can install sensors onto their vehicles to leverage the benefits of IoT and cloud-based technology. IoT is the Internet of things; this refers to a network of sensors installed into assets, such as a delivery vehicle. These sensors allow companies to collect data such as fuel levels, odometer readings, and GPS tracking. When this hardware is integrated into a cloud-based platform, it enables companies to access the data collected for business purposes, such as reporting or decision making.

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This is an increasingly exciting partnership. It is through the integration of these two systems that businesses will gain several advantages for their fleet management.  This includes real-time GPS tracking and the benefits associated with this feature.

Real-time GPS tracking benefits

Accessibility to information

Managing a fleet can be a complex task. This is as true for smaller companies as it is for medium and large enterprises with hundreds of vehicles on the road. Employees want to understand how delivery is going, and customers want answers. This is where Wialon and Fleet come in. With real-time GPS capabilities, employees can access information such as the route taken and the time of arrival. For example, if a customer calls and requires information on their delivery, companies can now provide an accurate answer. This will benefit the company by enhancing their reputation, but also lead to happier customers.  

Increased safety

The ability to know where your employees and assets are is vital for companies. Another crucial benefit, however, is safety. Having the ability to know where your driver is will allow companies to react better in an emergency. For example, if a driver breaks down, then the company will be notified of the breakdown and act faster to assist the driver.

Reduced fuel costs

It is common knowledge that fuel costs are volatile. They are prone to both spikes and dips. While this is out of a company’s control, there are still ways in which a company can reduce the costs associated with purchasing fuel. By monitoring the fuel consumption patterns of a driver, companies can reduce the amount of fuel consumed through poor driving habits. For example, if a driver keeps the vehicle idling for large amounts of time or is known for speeding unnecessarily, the company can pick this up and correct this problem. With the assistance of the Wialon GPS, companies can also optimize the route taken by employees to ensure that it is the most fuel-efficient.

Increased productivity

With immediate access to GPS tracking information, companies can gain a better understanding of their driver’s performance. On long-distance trips, the company can track the distance completed, the number of steps taken, and the total time of the trip. All with the help of GPS tracking software.

Vehicle performance monitoring

Another benefit that is overlooked by customers is the ability to track the performance of the vehicle. With the Wialon sensors, companies can monitor the fuel levels and odometer readings. When this is coupled with the data collected on CloudApper Fleet, companies can efficiently monitor the performance of their vehicles. The benefit of this feature is that vehicle maintenance can now be done before a major breakdown. Preventative maintenance on vehicles will also lead to a reduction in breakdowns and more reliable vehicles. 

Reduced operational costs

Efficiency and cost reduction are a crucial part of all successful companies. By implementing Wialon and CloudApper Fleet, companies can monitor drivers when they conduct their activities. This means that any unauthorized routes and trips taken during a delivery will be picked up. Having the ability to see when a driver is carrying out a personal task means that the possibility of it occurring will be reduced. Reducing unauthorized trips will mean a reduction in costs while also providing a more realistic record of a driver’s work claim.


The integration of Wialon with CloudApper Fleet provides a lot of great benefits to companies, many of which stem from the ability to track drivers and vehicles in real-time. In the ultra-competitive environment of fleet management, now is the time to gain the edge required by implementing a solution that enhances your company.

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