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What is

CloudApper Fleet Management Application?

CloudApper Fleet is a fleet management software/application that helps organizations to automate tasks related to vehicle maintenance, accident risk minimization, and operator usage, as well as implementing telematics and GPS tracking system. Users can access real-time information from their smartphones and record data such as video clips to improve efficiency and productivity.

Save on Fuel & Maintenance Costs

Track your daily fleet operations, optimize runtime, and monitor maintenance schedules. Fleet tracking software can save both fuel and maintenance costs.


Centralized Documentation and Access

Storing and accessing all information in one place helps to increase transparency and reduces time spent dealing with lost or misfiled paper documents. Enhance the productivity and efficiency of individuals by focusing their time on high-value activities.


Effortless Fleet Tracking

CloudApper Fleet tracking software includes a GPS tracking system that provides real-time data on route planning and drivers behavior checks.

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Fully Customizable

Fleet Tracking System

Instantly customize the CloudApper Fleet app without any coding skills required. Simply select the app template, drag-and-drop the required modules, test, and publish. Modifications are immediately available in the web and mobile versions of the app!

Customizable Application


No Coding Skills


Drag And Drop


Fleet Tracking Software

CloudApper Fleet management application enables mobile-as-a-service to administer fleet activities with a mobile application. Create a seamless experience with the ability to instantly post updates and push notifications from anywhere.

Highly Affordable

CloudApper Fleet tracking software that provides you with a powerful, intuitive, and easy-to-use solution at an affordable price. Only $10/user/month for unlimited apps!


Save 20% when billed annually + Unlimited Apps

Features of

CloudApper Fleet Management Application

Fleet-management-application-analytics-dashboard Analytics Dashboard

Get valuable insight into the fleet movement and usage patterns advanced analytics dashboard by sorting data into visually accessible, relevant information that supports timely and informed decision-making.

CloudApper-Fleet-task-management Task Management

Assign, manage, and track fleet management tasks like product delivery and employee transportation with our fleet management software. This system also provides task alerts ensuring that you don’t miss any scheduled tasks.

Fleet-remote-inspection Remote Inspection

Perform remote inspections from anywhere, at any time you want. With the CloudApper Fleet tracking software, drivers can log vehicle status, traffic updates, route changes, accidents, and natural disaster alerts effectively and efficiently.

Fleet-tracking-software GPS Tracking

Know your vehicle’s check-in data in real-time. CloudApper Fleet can incorporate an automated geo-tracking feature that enables managers to easily view vehicle locations in real-time.

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Driver ID Management

CloudApper Fleet tracking software helps you maintain a detailed record of driver demographic information, including photos, driving logs, and license information in a centralized system to ensure that nothing is lost.


Cloud Architecture

Save money on building and maintaining IT infrastructure. CloudApper Fleet tracking software is a cloud-friendly solution that reduces your IT resources and hardware investments.

Web & Mobile App

Allow users to upload, verify, and lookup driver information, work orders, operations data, images, and relevant documents through web and mobile applications (Android & iOS).


Vehicle Scheduling

Manage vehicle maintenance and repair schedules with just a few clicks. With CloudApper Fleet you can also check and manage driver trips and assign their shifts.

Email Notification

CloudApper Fleet tracking software sends automatic email notifications to users about vehicle update, increasing operational efficiency and freeing time for other value-added activities.

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Detailed Reporting

Reporting modules on fleet operations show drivers activity reports, maintenance logs, future schedules, and visual charts for vehicle locations to improve productivity, accuracy, and timeliness.

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Make Your Vehicle

Operation Paperless

Avoid the hassle of unnecessary paperwork with our robust cloud and mobile Fleet application, making data collection and processing fast and efficient. Manage your entire vehicle fleet and driver information from your phone!

What can you do with

CloudApper Fleet?

  • Create a Database of Drivers

    Create and maintain a comprehensive database of all your driver demographic info, qualifications, work completions, and other information in a centralized platform.

  • Create A Database of Vehicles

    Create and maintain a comprehensive database of your vehicle fleet, including photos, videos, service records, registration numbers, insurance policies, and more.

  • Assign & Update Work Orders

    Easily create work orders and assign individuals to improve accountability and reliable service. Relevant individuals can access this information at any time through the web and mobile applications.

  • Sync & Access Data Across Multiple Devices

    CloudApper Fleet app synchronizes all information in real-time, allowing users to access information from a computer, phone, or tablet.

How does

CloudApper Fleet Work?

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Who Can Use

CloudApper Fleet?

Educational Institutions

Ensuring the safe transportation of students and reliable use of campus vehicles is critically important to the proper functioning of any educational institution. CloudApper Fleet tracking software ensures that vehicles are maintained efficiently and effectively.

Corporate Offices

CloudApper Fleet tracking software helps companies more easily track operator use of corporate vehicles, log fuel usage and service records, report accidents or other issues, and track real-time locations to improve accountability and reduce costs.

Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare providers must do everything possible to ensure the safety of their patients and the efficiency of their drivers and vehicles. CloudApper Fleet tracking software enables them to achieve this by monitoring key data like maintenance and fuel usage.

Hospitality Industry

With many hotels offering a complimentary shuttle service, CloudApper Fleet tracking software can help to avoid unplanned breakdowns and improve the safety of its customers while improving coordination through real-time geo-fencing.

Industrial Factories

Industrial factories often have many vehicles that generate a large sum of information, such as fuel consumption and maintenance requirements. CloudApper Fleet tracking software makes it easy to collect and centralize this information for more efficient operations.


Managing a government fleet can be a challenging and complex job. Motor pools must provide safe, reliable, and clean vehicles for operators to perform their required tasks. CloudApper Fleet tracking software eases the burden by automating various tasks.

Can't Find Your Industry?

We can build you a personalized app for your industry or business in matter of hours, feel free to contact us as if you need more details.

CloudApper Fleet Integration with Wialon GPS Tracking and IoT Solution

CloudApper Fleet integration with Wialon enables companies to manage and track their fleet in real-time through CloudApper’s mobile platform, and Wialon’s accurate GPS tracking and IoT platform.

Why Choose

CloudApper Fleet?

  • Reduced Paperwork

    Reduce your paperwork and make data collection and processing fast and efficient.

  • Central Fleet Monitoring

    Monitor all vehicles across your fleet from a centralized system.

  • Remote Access

    Fast 24/7 access to driver and vehicle information using mobile devices and a web browser.

  • Keep Bad Guys Away

    Keep more accurate records to avoid the risks and costs associated with hiring the wrong drivers and service personnel.

  • Complete Driver Profiling

    Store a comprehensive and real-time profile of driver demographics, health, activities, and other details.

Short Demonstration

Learn how the CloudApper Fleet application streamlines the Fleet compliance management process by administering digital tasks, meetings, issues, and training information.


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