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Easiest Way to Comply with HIPAA like a Pro


Do you face difficulties complying with HIPAA? Do you face unwanted fines for not complying with HIPAA? For patient safety, HIPAA is an inconsiderable act that must be complied with. With huge pressure in healthcare, the complexity in the process often makes it difficult to comply with the updated rules. Here are the easiest ways to comply with HIPAA requirements

What Is HIPAA 

HIPAA stand for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. HIPAA is a privacy standard to protect patient medical records and other health information. This act comes with a set of security provisions and data privacy so that patient data can be kept safe from unwanted medical identity theft. HIPAA provides a set of rules and regulations that every healthcare organization and their business associates must comply with. HIPAA violations can cost a lot for the healthcare industry. The OCR fines higher charges for not complying with HIPAA. 

Why it is difficult to Comply with HIPAA 

No doubt most healthcare providers want to comply with HIPAA regulations. No matter what, no one wants to risk their patient data and the money associated with a denied claim. There are a number of factors that make it difficult for the healthcare industry to comply with HIPAA regulations. The problems are: 

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No Centralized Database System

HIPAA compliance comes with many tasks, much documentation, and many files and procedures. It becomes difficult to track the documents and make reports on them. As well, managing the different modules of HIPAA such as training management, ePHI device log management, facility log management and many more, presents many challenges. Each area needs to be manage properly, but unfortunately due to huge pressure, it is not always possible. Things are not centralized, so nothing can be found easily when it comes to checking or tracking them. This makes HIPAA compliance so much more difficult.  

Lack of HIPAA Update 

HIPAA rules changes from time to time, and it is very important to keep pace with the HIPAA compliance updates. But with huge work pressure, healthcare professionals cannot always stay up-to-date with the HIPAA regulations. This brings problems with staying HIPAA compliant. 

Cannot Act Promptly in Risk Concern 

When there is an issue with patient data, this should be reported promptly. Only immediate action can mitigate the risk, making it easy to comply with HIPAA. But when using a pen and paper method or not using a centralized system, prompt risk concern reports are not always possible. 

How HIPAA Ready can Help 

HIPAA Ready is robust and comprehensive software for HIPAA compliance. This amazing software brings all the HIPAA modules together in one place. This eliminates all the problems regarding HIPAA compliance management and makes HIPAA compliance management effortless. Here is how using HIPAA Ready, a HIPAA compliance application, can make it easy to comply with HIPAA. 

A Centralized System

Those days are gone, where you have to manage several files to manage HIPAA – where you have to check file after file to find a single piece of information. HIPAA Ready brings all the tasks and information together in one place. While managing HIPAA compliance means managing 7 modules, with HIPAA Ready you can manage these 7 modules easily in one place. There are no separate files, and no separate applications that create complexity. HIPAA Ready brings all the modules in one centralized location where it is easy to manage HIPAA compliance with a few clicks.  

Staying Updated is Easy 

HIPAA regulations change a lot. Keeping pace with HIPAA updates can be difficult in a busy work schedule and it is also difficult to memorize all the details of the updates. HIPAA Ready makes it easy for its users. Healthcare providers can check all the updates of HIPAA policy from the policy section of HIPAA and can easily check back on the updates, and stay compliant. Moreover, HIPAA Ready also comes with a mobile application, which makes it easier for the user to check updates on the go and stay compliant like a pro. 

Prompt Action 

HIPAA Ready comes with both the mobile and the desktop applications. So, whenever any risk is seen, users can file concerns by using the HIPAA Ready app. Filing concerns can be done on the go with the HIPAA Ready mobile app. The internal audit team receives email notification of the risk concern and can quickly attend the affected area for inspection and audit. Just using this simple app means that all these measures can be taken promptly and will mitigate the chances of a HIPAA violation.   

HIPAA Ready is a robust app for the healthcare provider. No other app offers such an easy way to manage HIPAA compliance. If you want to try this amazing app for your healthcare institution, hit the contact button now and start your amazing journey with HIPAA Ready. 


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