Get HIPAA Compliance Guidelines on Your Mobile Devices


Guidelines for HIPAA compliance can be delivered right to your mobile phones and other smart devices. No, we are not talking about security controls to implement in your mobile devices or software applications used within your practice. What we mean is that you can now manage the entire HIPAA compliance regulatory requirements and activities with your smartphones or devices. 

Everyone uses a mobile device these days. They are omnipresent. What if employees can receive HIPAA compliance guidelines right on their mobile devices? What if workforce training could be managed via mobile devices? What if employees could get updates on changes made to HIPAA policies and procedures? We’ve made all that possible and more with HIPAA Ready. 

With HIPAA Ready, a cloud-based compliance management software, you can achieve true digital transformation even with your compliance program. HIPAA Ready allows you to records all the necessary information required for compliance. This also ensures that you have all the policies and procedures, training requirements, and business contracts documented in case auditors come knocking on your door.

HIPAA Ready Functionalities

Here are a few things you can manage with our HIPAA compliance software:

  • Manage Workforce Training. HIPAA Ready’s training management module simplifies workforce training. You can set up training schedules, assign trainees, and input training information with ease. The app also comes with free, effective HIPAA training materials.
  • Maintain an Incident Channel. The app allows employees to report suspicious activities with relevant details. This helps the relevant department or HIPAA Officer to take immediate action to mitigate the problem.
  • Simplify HIPAA Officers’ tasks. For smaller organizations only using HIPAA Ready would suffice. However, appointing privacy and security personnel is a requirement for large organizations. Either way, HIPAA Ready can simplify HIPAA officers’ workload and allow them to manage compliance activities more effectively and efficiently. 

Simplify All Compliance Tasks

HIPAA compliance is difficult to manage manually. It requires continuous effort and improvement but HIPAA Ready handles the entire process really well to make it easier for you. 

We have eliminated the need for creating tons of paperwork that can be difficult to organize and manage. With HIPAA Ready, you can digitize your entire HIPAA compliance operations through both a web and mobile-based platform. 

HIPAA Compliance Management Application

Reduce Administrative Burden

See all the information in a centralized space

Keep your team updated with regular information

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