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All healthcare professionals are already familiar with HIPAA, yet two decades later, many professionals and providers are still struggling to ensure compliance. Particularly the term “HIPAA compliance” has a legendary reputation to stir fear and boredom in the heart of physicians and other healthcare providers. Everyone knows how critical the legislation is but often gets confused about identifying their duties and responsibilities. 

Oftentimes, healthcare providers spend thousands of dollars for HIPAA compliance yet continue to look for alternatives. Whether it’s workforce training, developing policies and procedures, or managing business associates, we want to meet your overall HIPAA compliance needs with our HIPAA Ready app. 

We want you to easily understand all the requirements of HIPAA compliance and achieve compliance at an affordable rate with the help of HIPAA Ready. This robust HIPAA compliance management software will provide you with detailed guidelines and action steps to help you become compliant with HIPAA. 

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Let’s go through some of the aspects HIPAA Ready can help you with. 

Improving Compliance Using the HIPAA Ready Mobile App

Healthcare is a highly regulated industry and establishing an effective HIPAA compliance program is essential to your business. 

Starting from HIPAA policies and procedures to goals and values, it often becomes a challenge to ensure that all employees are up to date with the latest regulations and that they have access to them while they are away from their office. 

HIPAA Ready, which is accessible from both the web and smartphones, offers a solution to this problem by enabling employees to access compliance requirements wherever and whenever needed. This is particularly useful for employees who are working away from home, especially since the pandemic has forced organizations to adopt remote work policies. 

And one of the biggest challenges for HIPAA-beholden organizations is ensuring that the training program is delivering the appropriate training in accordance with the latest regulations. HIPAA Ready, particularly, offers vast opportunities for delivering workforce training effectively

With HIPAA Ready, you can offer up-to-date clear, and consistent training materials on compliance policies to employees, wherever they may be. 

In addition, HIPAA Ready will help you train new as well as existing employees on the company’s compliance policies and procedures. 

Get All the Information at Your Fingertips

HIPAA Ready is a great tool for displaying important regulatory information in a comprehensive yet easily accessible and navigable way. Everyone can easily access and view HIPAA policies using a menu to choose the relevant sections. 

HIPAA Ready is also useful when employees deal with difficult or unexpected situations, such as suspicious behavior by colleagues or computer systems acting suspiciously. Through HIPAA Ready’s incident reporting feature, employees can log in the details of the incident with relevant information. This helps HIPAA officers and relevant executives to take immediate action if it is suspected that Protected Health Information (PHI) may be at risk of getting compromised. 

By having all this information and functionalities in the app, employees can ensure they are acting appropriately while meeting company policies. 

Quick and Affordable HIPAA Compliance – Get Start Now

There are a number of modules within the HIPAA Ready app to ensure your compliance program is rock-solid. What’s more, there are effective and high-quality training materials embedded within the app that you will have access to once you sign up. HIPAA Ready is highly customizable and your organization can use it at an affordable rate!

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