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Following all the HIPAA rules and regulations may seem cumbersome and tedious at times. Sometimes it requires putting in lots of extra work hours to ensure that policies, procedures, and controls are in place and functioning properly. While you are focusing on your HIPAA compliance program, you may start losing focus on your main business objective, which is to provide quality patient care. 

And that is why we want to make HIPAA compliance easy for you. Our cloud-based HIPAA compliance software will guide you through all necessary steps to meet HIPAA requirements. With HIPAA Ready, staying in compliance is easy.

HIPAA Ready Compliance Software Features

Here are some of the features that you will find within the app:

  • Learning Management System (LMS)

HIPAA Ready is empowered with learning management system capabilities. Basically, that means, you will be able to streamline HIPAA training for employees while making sure that the entire process is made easy for you. With HIPAA Ready, you will be able to efficiently create and maintain online resources to augment the learning process for both management and employees. You will also find ready-made training materials within the app itself. You can assign them to trainees, set training schedules, and track training progress on the go. 

  • Policy and Procedure Management

Perhaps the most important part of HIPAA compliance is establishing appropriate policies and procedures. These policies and procedures are the foundation that outlines the lawful use and disclosure of Protected Health Information (PHI) that must be strictly followed by the organization’s workforce members. The policies and procedures must be updated accordingly to account for changes within the practice with appropriate documented workforce training. 

  • Security and Privacy Management

This module will enable you to track all of the devices that create, store, or maintain PHI in your organization. You will be able to see and organize all the data on the devices that hold PHI. In addition, you will be able to assign proper controls for each device depending on the priority level in line with all the safeguards of the HIPAA Security Rule. The module also includes a Facility Access Control feature to keep track of necessary security measures for the physical facility itself, which is also a direct requirement under the Physical Safeguards

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  • Incident Management

Employees must receive training on how to recognize and report a security incident before it turns into a severe data breach. The entire process for reporting a security incident becomes simpler with HIPAA Ready. As soon as an employee recognizes or witnesses an action that might be suspicious, the employee can report the incident through the app. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an employee acting suspiciously, it could also be a system malfunction or say a ransomware attack that must be reported immediately. 

  • Business Associate Management

To become HIPAA compliant, you are required to also produce and maintain business associate agreements with all the vendors who have access to the PHI your organization holds. HIPAA Ready gives you the platform to manage contracts in the simplest manner possible. In one central place, you can store and manage contracts, business associate’s information, and their agreements.

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In addition to the aforementioned modules, there are many other essential features in the app to help you get the most out of compliance procedures. HIPAA Ready is also specially optimized to be mobile-friendly. That means you can ensure compliance on the go. 

Why struggle with HIPAA when we’ve already made it easy for you? 

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