How to Become HIPAA Certified? Here’s a Guide


If you are interested in obtaining HIPAA certification, you are in the right place. According to this specific act, all parties who work with patients or their information inside the healthcare sector should maintain proper privacy and security standards to protect it. That is why they must be aware of the rules, tested, and HIPAA certified to make sure the way employees in the healthcare sector handle sensitive patient information in a compliant way.

When an employee gets HIPAA certified by a credible and experienced third party, they go through training courses that ensure their knowledge of HIPAA compliance regulations. To learn more about how you can become HIPAA certified, keep reading:

Pick a HIPAA Certification Course

Choosing the right course(s) for your organization’s needs is the first step towards HIPAA certification. This is because relevant courses, when grouped together, can be very beneficial for an individual employee. Also, not all courses are suitable for different employees within your organization. Some of the most common courses include HIPAA for health insurance employees, HIPAA for Business, and HIPAA for healthcare workers. It is a good idea to use online courses, as they offer greater flexibility and convenience, and you can take them when it is convenient for you.

Train the Trainers

If you are planning to attend the course as a group, it is always a wise idea to train some of the trainees to become trainers to help out other group members. This is particularly helpful when there are time or budget constraints, and it is not possible to train each employee using professionals. In cases like this, you should select a few individuals to undergo specialized training to help other company employees. During the entire training process, you should always maintain compliance with HIPAA regulations.

Compile a HIPAA Policy

It is imperative for HIPAA Framework to be developed as this will help outline the training program. HIPAA Management results will be discussed during the review for employers to ensure the correct procedures were followed. HIPAA-trained employees play a vital role in maintaining compliance, as failure to demonstrate compliance through procedures can lead to serious financial repercussions.

During the training process, an emphasis should be placed on the HIPAA policies that employees will use during their daily operations. Outlining the policy that will be addressed during specific procedures is critical, as it provides context the employees require to gain a deeper understanding of the policies. Without this step, employees may make costly mistakes for the organization.

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Get the Certificate

As soon as you complete your online training course, you get access to your certificate and can instantly download or print it. The tests are graded online, making it relatively easy to retake the test several times until you complete it successfully. Each certificate comes with a unique ID used to trace the individual user during a compliance audit.

Although these certificates have no expiration date, you should have employees complete this training periodically as a refresher to help retain the information and policies and get updated about any changes. You should also be aware that getting a certificate does not translate into compliance. Certification helps prove that you have undergone the basic training program and are ready to implement the knowledge you have gained to ensure compliance in your operations.

How HIPAA Ready Can Help?

All those who work in the healthcare sector where they deal with sensitive patient information should also subscribe to HIPAA Ready App. This app helps you to be HIPAA certified in three steps – 

  • Providing with HIPAA training materials to study
  • Practice compliance in their day to day activities with the HIPAA rules and regulations. 
  • Offering quizzes to earn HIPAA certification

If you want to be certified, the first thing you need to do is choose the right course. You must look for a trusted training provider and make sure that you follow all the training procedures carefully. Upon your successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate that you can then print and provide upon request. 

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