Maintaining of working culture backed by HIPAA Compliance


Irrespective of the size of your organization or the patients under treatment, regulators are not so sparse. Business associates and the covered providers too are subject to inspections by regulators. A HIPAA audit is often conducted periodically and only the parties that comply stringently with the HIPAA compliance requirements can pass the audit. The rules are rigid and the only way to adhere is to establish a culture, or simply put, make a lifestyle out of following HIPAA compliance.

Anticipate random inspections from regulators every day or in peculiar scenarios where there is a breach of data. Due attention must be paid to HIPAA compliance measures amidst other security protocols daily. The HIPAA Ready software is a good app to help you stay committed to the compliance requirements.

All covered entities such as Doctors, nurses, physicians, healthcare facilities, and other medical groups must attain a detailed understanding of the HIPAA Privacy and HIPAA Security requirements

Understanding the culture of HIPAA compliance

In a culture of HIPAA compliance, the responsibility of the privacy and security of a patient’s health information falls on every single unit or individual within the organization.

To establish such a culture, the following steps may be considered:

  • Conduct role-based training and orientation for all employees concerning HIPAA compliance regularly
  • The onus falls on the unit heads, supervisors, managers, and executives to take the first steps by adhering to the HIPAA compliance requirements. This will set a good example for the workers to resist the temptation to violate HIPAA.
  • Accountability should be integrated into the company’s core values likewise assuming responsibility for the safety of patient information

Organizations and employees must assume a characteristic pose to protect patient’s information, particularly when entrusted with e-PHI. It would be a waste if the employee or organization is unable to:

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  1. Execute security protocols to prevent the incidence of a breach of patient privacy
  2. Develop measures and policies that promote adherence to the necessary safeguards
  3. Carry out proactive orientation and training of members of the organization that may have to work with PHI

HIPAA Ready as a tool for ensuring compliance

Due to the benefits that it holds, the culture of HIPAA compliance has to be put to consistent practice, developed, and maintained at all levels in an organization to ensure that every cog in the wheel of the establishment is aware of their responsibilities to protecting patient information.

As discussed earlier, it is imperative for a clear understanding of employees’ perception or awareness about what needs to be done and how data can and should be disclosed if they should at all. To ensure adherence, it may require orientations and pieces of training, compliance-inducing policies and measures, and thorough implementation.

HIPAA Ready makes the whole process a lot simpler with its integrated employee training module, development, and installment of policies and procedures, management of business associates, and several other applications. The establishment of a culture of HIPAA compliance with HIPAA Ready is an easy game. You can use the free trial mode of the software by clicking the link below (no credit card required). 

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