Why is HIPAA Ready the Most Effective HIPAA Compliance Training Tool?


The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, in short HIPAA, is a U.S. federal legislation sanctioned in 1996. Although the initial idea behind passing this law was to simplify healthcare and reduce costs, HIPAA these days mostly stands for one thing: patient privacy and security. The businesses need to comply as failure can lead to severe fines. As a result, implementing proper HIPAA compliance training courses protects clients and empowers employees in many ways.

In today’s article, we will look at HIPAA Ready as a HIPAA compliance training tool for employees and discuss 4 top reasons to sign up for it today!

HIPAA Ready as a compliance training tool

HIPAA Ready – the HIPAA compliance management application by CloudApper that administers digital tasks, meetings, issues, and training information. It increases collaboration and understanding of HIPAA across teams by enabling users to manage all compliance areas, such as internal audits, risk assessments, training, and other functions from a single platform.

The most effective HIPAA compliance training tool

HIPAA Ready comes with comprehensive HIPAA training courses that can be assigned to employees, set a training schedule, and effortlessly log details of the training. At the end of the course’s successful completion, every employee is awarded a certificate stating that he/she has been trained and taught the information that the business needs to enable your organization to become HIPAA compliant. Here are four more reasons why we consider it as the most effective HIPAA compliance training tool:

Access anywhere, anytime

HIPAA Ready has both a mobile app and web application so that the training courses can be accessed from on any mobile, laptop, or desktop computer, anywhere at their own pace, either online or offline. It is also possible to check the current status of an employee’s effectiveness in complying with HIPAA requirements using the application and assign and schedule specific training courses to improve their compliance level.

Engaging and relevant

HIPAA ready training course materials are designed to trigger unconscious and conscious reactions among the trainees to stimulate their learning interest. Multimedia elements, interactivities, quizzes, and real-time assessments engage learners in the learning process and make it interesting.

HIPAA Compliance Management Application

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Knowledge retention

Knowledge retention is critical in HIPAA training courses, and HIPAA ready attempts to identify the knowledge employees failed to retain on a regular interval by analyzing their recent activities. Then refresher training is provided using micro-learning to deliver information to individual learners at regular intervals, promoting information retention.

Easy to create and update

Changes in HIPAA regulations are relatively common, and organizations with unique business processes have to customize their compliance plan and training materials accordingly. That’s why training courses with HIPAA Ready are easy to create and can be updated instantly with today’s easy-to-use, rapid management tools.

Achieving HIPAA Compliance is difficult, so choosing the right platform for training can prove difficult. There are many offline options available like books or consultants, but are they really the most advanced and cost-effective options when you can access online training from HIPAA Ready? An application that will train your employees and help you simplify the whole HIPAA compliance process. Which one do you think is the right option for your organization? Let us know in the comments.

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