3 Ways a No-Code Platform Reduces Administrative Costs

Whether you are a business owner, CEO, or one of several employees, you are aware that cutting costs is one of the key goals of any company. Unnecessary expenses can negatively affect the financial health of your business, and in turn, the success of the company. 

What happens, though, if it is a necessary expense? Take, for example, the cost of using a legacy ERP system or the fees associated with outsourcing IT specialists to manage your business software. These administrative costs are crucial for ensuringto ensure your business continues to operate. 

However, if the costs continue to rise, they can also be detrimental to your company. In some extreme cases, they can even be the reason for your company’s failure.  

To address the issue of high administrative costs within your company, we will look at a system that can assist in several ways. What we will be looking at is a no-code platform. 

But how exactly does a no-code platform assist in reducing administrative costs? Let’s unpack the reasons.

1. Efficiently Allocate Resources

A key reason costs continue to increase within a company is often a poor allocation of resources. For example, your company can be spending too much money on an ERP system or an external IT contractor to manage your business’s digital system. 

CloudApper is a cost-effective no-code platform. At $10 per user per month, your company can allocate its financial resources toward a complete ERP system that can be operated on the web and mobile devices. Another benefit of CloudApper is that it can be integrated into your legacy system to boost efficiency. 

You can also allocate human resources more intelligently. A no-code platform is easier to operate and manage than other systems, especially as no coding knowledge or experience is required. This means that all employees can take shifts operating the system. Efficient use of employees and a reduction in outsourced services will save your company money, reducing administrative costs in the process.

2. Leverage Employees Mobile Devices

Another area where companies often have to spend a lot of money is on equipment and hardware. Laptops, computers, monitors, keyboards, and more are usually required when managing a company. Constantly managing, maintaining, and purchasing new hardware is an administrative expense that companies run into.

A key benefit of a no-code platform is that it leverages tools employees already have: smartphones. A no-code platform allows users to create applications and databases operable on the web and on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. Therefore, companies can create applications for their business problems and allow employees to use their mobile devices, saving money in the process.

3. Saves Time

We are all familiar with the phrase time is money, and it continues to ring true in the new, dynamic business environment companies are now operating within. For example, if there is a problem with your company’s CRM system and you do not have an internal IT department or employee to attend to it, you will have to call the vendor. It often takes time for your vendor to get to the problem. This downtime can be spent completing deals on the CRM system

With a no-code platform, users have control. If there is a problem, then the users within your company can attend to it. With such a simple solution, users can now solve an issue with the system when necessary.


When a no-code platform comes to mind, users often think about the common benefits, such as easy application creation. However, these platforms provide so much more. The ability to efficiently manage your company and reduce expenses is an issue that all companies face. It no longer needs to be an issue now, thanks to CloudApper’s no-code platform.

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