Challenges That Impact Your Businesses Digital Transformation Plan and Their Solutions

Digital transformation refers to integrating digital technology, such as software solutions, into your business’s current processes. This is no longer just a popular way for companies to operate but rather the new normal, with several businesses integrating software solutions into different departments and business processes. 

It is understandable why digital transformation has become commonplace. When implementing a solution such as CloudApper within your company, you meet with an abundance of benefits. From increased data accessibility, which leads to greater productivity, to mobile operability. This is crucial as more employees continue to work remotely. 

However, as more businesses continue this form of operating, they face several challenges. We will look at some of the most common challenges companies face when digitally transforming business processes and some of the solutions your company can implement to mitigate the effects of these challenges.

4 Challenges Associated With Digital Transformation

1. Employee Skepticism

When many employees within a leadership position are convinced of the benefits of digital transformation, it is only a matter of time before it becomes a reality within your company. 

However, just because managers see the benefits of a solution does not mean the company’s employees will too. Often when companies introduce new technologies or software solutions, it is met with a certain amount of skepticism from employees. This could be due to a resistance to change or a concern that they will lose their job.

The Solution:

Skepticism can affect a company and its employees. It is vital that once a company has accepted that they will begin to digitally transform business processes, employees are included in the process. An open discussion on what changes will be made allows employees to be more open to them. 

CloudApper provides educational material on the solution to make this process easier for companies, leading to a better understanding of the system and a smoother transition toward digital transformation.

2. Bloated Costs

When looking at innovative technology, there is a misconception that it has to be expensive. This has been the case with digital transformation, as many companies believe it to be expensive. They have seen the cost of digital transformation as a barrier to avoid.

The Solution:

While costly systems are available on the market, your company can digitally transform several business processes for only $10 per user per month. The cost no longer has to be a barrier with such a low-cost digital solution. 

For companies who want further peace of mind, a free trial process can be conducted to test the product before committing.

3. Disrupting Legacy Systems

Complete digitalization of your company’s processes is possible. However, there is a concern that digitally transforming certain processes may disrupt others. For example, if a company implements a mobile customer relationship management system, it will conflict with their company’s current web-based legacy system. This could lead to conflicting information being relayed to employees.

The Solution:

Integration is possible if your company does not want to migrate data from your current legacy system to your new digital system. CloudApper integrates with several legacy systems to allow your company to retain its legacy system while digitally transforming other business processes. 
It is also important to note that CloudApper can, in some cases, supplement your legacy system by providing features your current system does not have. One example could be mobile operability.

4. Overly Complicated Software Solutions 

It is important to note that employees will be doing things completely differently from before when digitally transforming business processes. This also means that there will be a learning curve. Introducing overly complicated systems may take a while for employees to learn, and if they are too complex, they will not be as efficient as expected.

The Solution:

As CloudApper is a no-code platform, there is a focus on simplicity. By providing a simple and easy-to-use platform, all employees will be able to operate it efficiently which means that the learning curve will be shorter, and employees can resume being as efficient as possible.


Digital transformation is beneficial for your business. No matter the sector’s size, business processes can always be refined or streamlined. 

However, many companies do not do this because of the challenges. The solutions, however, are simple, and with CloudApper, your company can become more efficient in no time.

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